1. hi pratik, i am an app developer! after reading this article i realised that we have to learn so much to stay sharp and to be top notch app developer. Thanks for the great guide.


  2. Hi Praktik,

    thanks for sharing the article.

    I wrote one covering a similar topic. I think a good example of mobile payments would be BLIK, a system that has seen very widespread adoption in Poland (and no, I’m not associated with the company behind it). :)

    One thing you didn’t mention, however, would be battery-efficient and lite apps, such as Facebook Lite. What are your thoughts on that? Do you think we’ll see more of them around?

    If you’re interested in my article, I’d be more than happy if you checked it out: https://insanelab.com/blog/mobile-development/mobile-app-development-trends-2018/



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