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8 Tips For Successful App Designing

Mobile Application Development August 21, 2019
M8 Tips For Successful App Designing


Are you just stepping to the app designing field? Or are you already into one but not giving expected outcome? Or you are on the track of it just to promote your business? Well, whatever the case may be, it is decisive; you cannot just jump on to it, adequate research of the market, user needs, and their reviews are the fundamentals of this sector. Concluding that you want a mobile app is not the way how it works. Big process stands awaited to be followed through.

[/vc_column_text][blog_single_full_content]A newbie can face trouble walking on the path and to help them out, let’s introduce you to the must follow do’s and Don’ts to reach the ladder of success and help you up, if there is a fall.

1) User is the ultimate king

Nothing can drive your app, but the users. This is the general rule of the mobile application development companies you need to feed in your brain before entering this zone. The user is the focal point and every other thing revolves around, even the design. The user is basically sun and apps are the planets revolving around. Before you even initiate the actual work, determine your target audience, take an in-depth look at their behavior and come up with a conclusion as to what can attract them at first and what keeps them engaged later. Never ever let the user go out from criteria during the designing phase.

2) Restrict your content

Now your ears would have always heard, “content is the key”. “Keep your content updated and the user will come back for more”. “App development and qualitative content are two sides of the same coin”, that’s good and by far necessary. Everything is true, but partly. Well, don’t just follow this rulebook blindly. Too much content or overflowing your app with content can make the user confused and give them the feeling of boredom. Update the user with only that much content which they can handle.

3) User friendly

Make it complicated and see a full stop on your number of users. Keep it simple and watch the miracle happen. Difficulty in navigating the app will lose the audience’s interest and they will instantly move on to the alternative. Don’t let that thing happen and strive to kidnap your users with friendly apps. Simplicity and ease in navigation are key to app designing.

4) Take a test drive

You take a test drive for your car or a bike then why not for your app. The user will not look forward to your app the way you see it.
Before you launch it publicly, allow a specific set of people to use it and let them share their reviews and feedbacks. Make the alteration based on their feedback and then march ahead for the final launch.

5) Avoid imitating

There are already copious amount of apps which are imitated and users are not foolish to take interest if you come up with something of similar nature. Indulge with this job, only when you have some sort of innovation. You can get benefited from the replica if you are the first or second to do that, otherwise, there is nothing left out for you. Your design must be your USP. The buzz about the app that you are copying might draw you to something of similar nature, but what’s the point when it won’t last long.

6) Never try lynching

During the app loading time, diverting your users out of the ring can end up concluding that something is out of order or malfunctioning. This might force the user to leave your app without even using it and if they spread the word about their experience, then it’s not beneficial, that’s for sure. Loading time is again a trepidation you should be focusing on. Users are not much tolerant and they will leave if the loading time is high.

7) Don’t imposture

These are striking, of course and users like them, but only till certain time span. After that, it starts getting annoying. Don’t fall for the animation and the music for becoming a pro in designing. When you are into mobile application development, imposture will be a drawback.

8) Don’t put up plenty of products on a single page

Get the thing straight in mind, the screen size of a mobile phone is small and when you insert invariable things on a single page, it looks very cluttered and usage becomes complex on the part of the user.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Alfred Beiley

A Senior iOS developer and a programmer by heart, I have been working at 360 Degree Technosoft since last 4 years. Engaged in all the tech and app evolution, I dedicate my part time to the company and the rest to implement in my life.

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