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What Do You Need To Know About Android L?

Mobile Technology August 12, 2014

Android market, after the launch of Jelly bean version, are more frequently launching the newer versions of operating system. The latest one of them is Android L with some amazing features and exciting new applications. The complications arise with the users or the Android app developers when they start using or developing apps without understanding the basic concepts of this version.

In reality, the primary focus behind the launch of these versions is to give better usability to the user. With the advanced usage of Smartphone, the persons using them have become smarter and so it is mandatory to provide them such features as well as functionalities.

Android L

Android L depicts the example of a system which is the perfect for the user to implement all the functionality while using it. Although it has nothing extravagant to offer to the Android application developers, it still bags a huge amount of applauds form the development team by its simple and growing features.

Here are some of the important features which everyone connected to usage and implementation of Android L needs to be accustomed with:

Assembled Multi-Functional Device

With Android L, the design of the device gives new look and feel to the Android Phone. Other than this, Android Smartphone are now a day’s having extended utility with like Smart watches, smart wears and may other utilities are upcoming. The UI for Android L looks clean and swift making device feel more materialistic.

The application running on these devices gets smoother transitions from one animation to another which will manipulate the Android market. The working of multi-tasking applications at a time give the refreshing feel of the PC usage and easy to clean the running apps. On the other hand, the UI for medium size Smartphone will add a feather to the utilities of the phone.

From The Developer’s Perspective

The evolvement of all these new techniques has made it easier for Android app developers to manipulate the application development market. Especially with Android L, one can foresee a great future of mobile applications and its utility. The designing concept of application may alter on the basis of new implementations of Android L but the development tactics will almost remain the same.

It will be easier to impart multi-functionality to the application by the usage of modern app development technology. One important thing for the developers is that they need to be more cautious while developing small applications as it might prove tedious and will not have that higher impact.

New Designs, Effective Utilities

This time Google has come up with the new feature of material design look which can be enchanting to use from the user’s perspective. On viewing the mobile from a flatter side, the design looks like rack of horizontal stacks formed to complete the structure. The UI makes it more scrutinized and comfortable for the user to make the usage of various applications.

Other than this, the important thing about Android L is the ease with which it provides transitions from earlier versions of Android. Another enhancement in the Android L is power pack utility of the space of the devices which are now a day’s quiet large then the expected range.

On the whole it can be a boon for tech savvy Android lovers to use Android L which has some of the magnificent features and enhancements. The design part of it takes all the stars while all the other things prove worth to use. With new devices which are high-end in the market, it becomes easy to make use of Android L in efficient way.

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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