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Android O Is Going To Be Android 8.0, Heard About It?

Android Application Development June 6, 2017

Google has a tendency to play around with people’s mind in a very ticklish manner. It’s doing the same thing again. Well, it’s quite blatant that we all are fairly aware of the new and major update of Android lined up this year. We all have heard a lot about the same at Google I/O conference 2017 and the key announcements therein. Android O as till date we say, is speculated to be called as Android 8.0. Hold your horse’s folks, this is quite complicated as it has not been officially announced by the mind player Google.


Android O

Google has opened the beta and developers preview for the upcoming version of Android to avail the Android app development agency the chance to understand it and integrate it into the upcoming apps. The fresh version comprises of the out of the box features like 3D touch feature of Apple, picture in picture feature and such others. These were announced in the previous two versions of Android nougat namely 7.0 and 7.1 and hence it leads to the doubt as to the third one can be 7.2. It’s highly complicated whether it is Android O, Android 7.2 or Android 8.0.


Android has history backing up the same. The similar has happened with Android KitKat. Jelly Bean version was started with 4.1 to 4.3 and carried off with Android KitKat which came out as 4.4 rather than coming out as 5.0.


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At the time of Google I/O 2017, Google portrayed several screen shots that flaunt the time of 8:00, now whether it’s a hint or simply a coincidence is still manipulated. Well, along with all the above hints, there’s something else that unofficially confirms this news. Since 1st June, there have been some unofficial photos and APKs coming out from Google, mentions the newer version as 8.0.0. However, the other apps like Google Calendar, Google Maps, Gmail, Gboard always mention “o” as the version name.


Now, this is something strange as to only two apps come up with 8.0 whereas the others come up with O as the version name. On one side it can be a mistake, probably the chances of which is low and on the contrary, Google might be washing its brain on some cool update which might be unveiled in the near future. The I/O conference that happened last month, Google came out with the second preview of the upcoming software version-Android O, whereas the first preview rolled out back in March. It is expected that the official release would be around August or September conjoining with the next pixel phone.


Android users are at flair of joy as they are going to receive refined features compared to what they currently have. A bucket full of astonishing features is going to be unveiled which will upgrade the experience of users and go to explore new possibilities in the field of android app development. Improved battery savings feature, enhanced notification options, eased up multitasking and picture in picture mode are the highlights of what’s coming this way. Well, We know the features, now let’s see which name it comes along with.


Vihar Rana

Project Manager

Working as a project manager in 360 Degree Technosoft since its inception. Loves to learn new technology, train the team with the latest technology advancement, develop mobile apps, and share the knowledge. I love to write on Android and iOS updates, a guide to developing apps, recent designing trends, and such subjects.

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