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Are Android Tablets Overtaking iPad In Current Market Economy?

iOS / iPad / iPod December 25, 2013

With the outburst of frequent technological advancement in the field of mobile devices, the economic upsets are here to happen within very short span of time. Android and Apple are the two technological giants that govern tablet market economy in terms of operating systems preferred by the public. This had unambiguously led to “Tablet War” between the two proving beneficial to the public.

Android Tablets Overtaking iPad

With iPad launched before few years and the functionalities it inherited, Apple had a governing market of tablets and kept it ruling until Android tablets started to overcome it by introducing sublime features that iOS had. Also reduced rates of Android tablets had a huge impact in sinking sales of iPad. Trending Google Nexus tablet and Amazons tablet for Kindle have their own consumer due to reach outs for customized Android users.

The downfall of Apple and straightforward comparison between iPad and Android tablets gives following conclusions.

Upgrades for Android

With so much in house for the Apple, the fondling features once deployed are less reactive to upgrades that is among the first prominent quality of Android. More Android applications development companies provide immense importance to updating current version that effects the installed applications too.

According to a recent survey, the Apple sales for iPad after the emergence of iOS7 in comparison with Android have dipped below by 30%. With so much emphasis laid on internal compositions by Apple, external utility of apps and other things are magnified by Android app developers.

Applications for iPad and Android

This largely falls under the category of mobile apps development. Many IT companies have adapted iPad app development as their prime area of focus with advancement in technological perceptions by Apple through iOS 7 and its latest versions. But Android on the other hand has conferred more attention on compatibility of mobile apps onto tablets changing the UI making it more interesting with large screen effects.

Samsung is the emerging another leader in Android app market economy growth along with Google itself. Android app developers have deposited some wonderful depictions on tablets which have proved the worthiness of Android tablets.

Cost-effectiveness of Android Tablets over iPads

Apple has continuously suffered over this point of discussion with other technologies. Right from the outset, Apple prices are high and become affordable to particular class in the society. Android tries to encrypt the same functionality at affordable rates.

Also external appearance, screen size, resolution, cameras, images and other outlook comparison are the factors where these two technological giants have fraction of difference. Certified leader in every aspect of tablet making and applications cannot be predicted.

So with increasing market share, more crowd-pulling apps that appeal to many people in the market, Android has clearly overcome Apple’s iPad. Apple has made attempts to penetrate the market again through launch of retina display iPad mini with new MAC version. Will it be able to retrieve its original presence in the market? There is no answer to this depending on the response after initial stages of launch.

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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