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6 Key Announcements From Google Annual Conference 2016

Android Application Development, Mobile Technology June 13, 2016

As always, Google, hosting an annual conference for the developers’ academy, in which slew of announcements are done that lead to ignite the next generation technology. This time, Google has brought out certain major announcements and additionally, setting up of new products. Every android app development company held an eye on these Google Annual Conference 2016. Let’s find out everything it announced:

Android Wearables


Android Wear has a brand new update: Version 2.0. Not only does it have several fantastic new features but it has dramatically changed itself now. The handsomest of these is apps that run within a wearable, instead of trusting on a connected smart phone, potentially making a smart watch the most robust than it was. The fitness functions tools let you know when you are going to exercise and have health tips regularly. Google speculated that this will be soon out in summer. The other best thing for Android Wear will be that the message-responding will be a lot easier and simpler because Smart Reply and handwriting recognition are admitted.




Speculated to release this feature later (at the end) this year, Google Home has Assistant built in, and Google claims its voice-recognition technology is the best in class. Google, not being in particular, conformable to allowing other robots into your life has revealed its own version, Home. Just by speaking, you can play Spotify, order an Uber, set alarms, etc. Download latest version of spotify premium apk.


Allo and Duo


Don’t have enough messaging apps? Google doesn’t think so. Allo is Google’s new “smart” messaging app. Well, it works like any one of dozens of messaging apps – Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangouts etc – but Google’s AI is built in. Illustration- “Smart Reply” feature can propose reactions for when you don’t want to type your own. Duo is rather Google’s answer to FaceTime or Skype, letting internet video calls. Calling Google Assistant within Allo, you can ask questions within chats. The good news is that these mind boggling features are going to release in Android and iOS in summer.


Android N


Google demonstrated how notifications can be answered to within the alert and there is no need of opening an application. What is the need of multi-windowing then? It allows you to make notes while watching a video, i.e. Android N will also automatically close apps that haven’t been updated in a while, and offer you a “close all” option on the page screen.




Google has been trying to dive in low-end VR with Google Cardboard for almost two years, to deliver VR by releasing YouTube, Play Store, and Street View for Virtual Reality. Google has also been tryng to jump beyond the limitations of Cardboard, and has developed an immaculate layout for a headset which will be deliberately shared to the 3rd-parties, alongside a natty little controller re-mindful of the Siri-powered pointer Apple uncovered aboard the latest Apple TV last year.


Google Assistant


We’ve long had Google Now, which responded to voice queries, but it always seemed a little clunky and impersonal compared to the likes of Siri and Cortana. The advantage of Assistant is that it isn’t just built into a phone, it spans Google’s new messaging app Allo, the new Google Home speaker, Android Auto, and so on. At I/O it upgraded Now to “Google Assistant”, which can respond to queries by searching Google for answers. Google Assistant can book tickets, order food and, apparently just about anything else.


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