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Celebrating Our Audacious Eight

Celebration July 4, 2018

“Eight proved to be Great…Nine is going to be fine.”




It feels great!!! Just great completing auspicious eight and paving our way to the nine. Well, the charm has spread on each and every face. After all the hard work, it feels amazing to look back and feel nostalgic about the achievements of the previous year. This can be overwhelming as well, to maintain the benchmark of the achievements set and even outdo it. But, it’s not the time for that stuff, Its the




celebration at 360 technosoft


Our New Chore: Decor


The celebration starts with the decor. Well, office decor is not a task, it the fun task. What can be better than getting together with a task which is not the technical work?


office decoration


The fun stuff was here the balloon blowing which turned to the balloon fight and ended up with the balloon blast. The smaller ones were handed over the ribbons to untangle and arrange while the taller ones were handed over with the task to tie those ribbons. You cannot expect a calm and silent decor when you are surrounded with crazy heads. Who knew a simple cello tape can also bring the monster out of dedicated employees. But, yes it did, it was all over each one of us. Running around the office premises and sticking cello tape in each others hair is how we started the celebration.


After the Cello Tape Saga ended, the crew marched to the decor mission seriously and accomplished the task. Well, the look of the office changed entirely and it was beautiful to watch the premises this way. Half of the day went this way.


lunch with team


Colleague Bunch On The Office Lunch


“Date with eight was great,
Let’s go dine with nine.”


None of the celebrations is complete without food. Our CEO took us for the lunch at Live Mexican Restaurant to celebrate our 8th anniversary. The food was delicious, each and every cuisine we ordered tangled our taste buds. We explored different cuisines, Mexican, Italian, Punjabi and it was ‘YUM’. The taste doesn’t leave the tongue.


lunch with 360 technosoft team


Its The Game: Guess The Movie Name


Well, the fun prolonged a bit more. The HR organized different games to stretch the smiles on the faces a bit more. We played a popular game what we all call “Dum Charades”.


guess the game


Stomach aching laughter was all around, a bunch of funny and unforgettable moments happened and were captured as well to watch it later and make fun of and relive the moment.HR picked some really out of the box movies and really difficult to act out which made the gaming session even more difficult.


in house playing


We Join When It Was The Glass, The Straw, And The Coin


playing game at office


Yet another game to take the amusement level even high. HR asked the team members to organize coins on the straw. I know a difficult thing to do but everyone tried and enjoyed it. Another game was with the plastic glasses, making the glass tower with it. Well, we never knew we had hidden architects in our team who successfully balanced to build a glass tower. Each one of us enjoyed it thoroughly.


Take The Cake


cake for office staff


Well, it was meant to be: Cake cutting ceremony. It was the proud moment for the company and the members to complete the incredible eight and enter the notorious nine. We entered the new year with a new motto and very soon a big to make that motto right is coming soon from our end.


“Now at Eight … Towards the Infinite.”


happy moments







Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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