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Common Mistakes To Avoid During Android App Development

Android Application Development January 7, 2014

Before taking a step ahead in application development on any platform, there has to be a significant approach for app development. This can lead to a successful app development business. Android is the fastest growing market according to the current situation in the industry. Persisting to this, many Android app development businesses have emerged out in the market. But due to inadequate knowledge, they become prompt to commit mistakes which ultimately lead to app failure in the Google Play store.


Android Development Mistakes


Surveying for a long period of time, we have found some common discrepancies that Android app development companies do make while making the applications. This not only includes technical aspects for developers but also steps that app makers inculcate as a part of pre and post phases of app development. These tips can be referred to as a guideline for not following the wrong path for app development.

Keep Target Audience in Mind

Android is popular in the market because of its multi-utility apps, low cost, wide support, and numerous companies building smartphones on this platform. Also Android offers wide categories of apps in different domains. Before building an app, it is important to define a class of public for whom the app is being made for. This can help you give clarity in your work and embark smoothness in the app-making process. Apps include various domains like business, games, education, and many others for different classes of Smartphone users in the market. Designs and UI features can be adjusted accordingly and this will make the app more suitable for use at the app store.

Erupting Features Without Use

This is another important aspect of app development that most Android app developers get committed to while making an app. The use of the app developed is always limited to a certified number of people existing in the market. So by adding more features to the app, the app becomes complicated unnecessarily and with tough competition in the market, users will tend to opt for another app of a similar kind. The first milestone for the app should be focus only on the basic requirement for which the app has been made for keeping the target audience in mind.

Avoid Single Screen Testing

With so many Android mobile manufacturing companies in the market, it’s tough to ask for any Android apps Development Company to test and remove bugs of apps and make them portable with each and every device. But the danger of app failure can be neglected to a certain extent by testing it on at least 2-3 devices to check design issues, effective UI, and screen compatibility of the app. Tablets have crept into the market because of intensifying competition with iPad from Apple. So app testing on tablets is also necessary before launching the app directly.

Complexity in UI- Hindering Factor

Although app utility might be fullest, the user interface is another problem that can make you lose many users. Some android app developers do come up with fantastic ideas for the app. But get ruined due to insufficient user interactivity. UI for any app has to be simple, attractive and the one that keeps users attached to the app. Providing UI options to the user is not a smart move as options given to them may not be found interesting to them.

Keeping these challenges in mind, if the Android app developer overcomes all these mistakes and develops an app, it can give outstanding results on the Google play store. Don’t rush to launch your app immediately as it might negate the response that you want from the consumers.

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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