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Google’s Guidelines for Developing Android App

Android Application Development November 30, 2013

Mobile app development is strongly progressing day by day. Inventions, Innovations, uniqueness, and of late expansion have been the pioneers of successful mobile app development. Talking about the platforms, Android is manifesting or we can say enjoying the topmost shares in the market for the last many years.

Apple on the contrary is providing tough competition to Android. This has led to the unimaginable advancement of the in-app market facilitating users. Android app development requires skilled professionals who can work efficiently according to protocols given by Google.

Google Developers

Before developing an android app, all the android application development companies have to go through a stringent process of guidelines referral by Google. Actually, these guidelines prove as a helping end to the developer and not as a set of strict rules. The guidelines include every essential topic right from designing, developing, deploying, launching to marketing. Every aspect needs to be studied carefully before following the wrong paths for development.

Technicalities For API And SDK

JAVA is the main programming language used for android development. Android SDK inculcates each and every tool right from the emulator to everything that is required to generate efficient code that runs on a multi-user Linux-based system. After the execution of components, every application is a single user for Android. For API, the Android framework gives you the immense facility to build a customized and commercialized app that generates a fruitful market for app makers.

Designing Domain For Android Developers

Creating eye capturing UI is must for Android apps as Smartphone that supports Android have wide variations in terms of screens size, quality, resolutions, etc. Also, some common apps are used in tablets well which exhibits high-end features. So designing how what and from where becomes essential and android takes care of it giving simplified suggestions with pictorial representation. Different styles, patterns, layouts, and spacing details and gathered within a single app demo to rationalize the mistakes and help the designers.

Testing And Debugging

After the primary milestone achievement of completion of the app, it becomes necessary to test and debug the app to check the quality issue before publishing it. To justify the testing requirements provided by the Android guide-liners, an ecosystem of the app has to be developed. This initiative by Google helps in software and hardware analysis of bugs occurring in app making. If the mandatory equipment needed in testing is not available with the app developers, Android has emulators that represent its behalf.

Launching, Marketing, And Advertising

For any android app development company, the biggest aspect after app completion is to launch the app with proper marketing strategies in Google Play Store. Google acquires the objective behind the app and procures complete instructions for advertising, marketing, linking with other apps, and optimization on Google store and furthermore details. Also, enhanced facilities for branding your app with device manipulation are possible with Apps-store. Marketing aspects for internal links have to be formal in various ways while offline marketing for your app can be given as many wings as you want to.

For the Android app developers to manifest these processes into their work becomes amiably important to maximize app interest and quicken app-making activities. Google continuously changes these guidelines to encourage new innovations and establish a sound market for android applications. Google’s efforts to maximize android users will be successful by immediate response to app changing era. The guidelines are compatible even the tablet app making to facilitate android developers immensely.

With so much App development buzz around the world, Android likes to keep it simple and easy in order to magnify success in the app market and hold a step ahead of others.

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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