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Google Has Launched $5 Subscription Plan To Get Access To Paid Apps And Games

Android Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Mobile Technology October 10, 2019
MGoogle Has Launched $5 Subscription Plan To Get Access To Paid Apps And Games

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]A new $5 subscription plan has been launched by Google for the Google Play Store. This subscription package allows the subscribers to have access to more than 350 paid apps and games devoid of any upfront purchases, ads, and in-app purchases. This Play Pass Plan is, for now, available only in the US but it will soon be available globally. Google is providing a free trial of 10 days to try out Google’s Play Pass. Also, if any user signs up in the first couple weeks post-launch, Play Pass will be available in just $2 per month for 12 months and then the user will have to start paying $5 per month.


One of the best things about Google’s Play Pass is that the subscribed user will be able to share it with 5 family members without any added cost. Some of the popular games included in this subscription package include Monument Valley, Risk, Terraria, Stardew Valley, AccuWeather, Facetune, and Star Wars: Knight of the old republic. New apps will keep on adding on a monthly basis to serve the users with unique apps and give them satisfaction.


What’s the difference between Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass?



Google Play Pass includes both apps and games which is not the case with Apple Arcade. Also, Google Play Pass doesn’t have any games which are exclusively available to play for the Apple devices which is the case with Apple Arcade.


One of the product managers said that they are not focusing on driving users to Android. They are aiming at delivering the users the best that they can and keep them happy and satisfied. They also aim for the developers to find easy and effective ways to monetize their apps and connect with as many users as they can. It would be a win-win situation for the users as well as the developers.


Well, the developers do have an option to makes their games or apps Play Pass exclusive in the Play Store. It is a choice given to them and not a compulsion.


How is Google Play Pass Beneficial to Developers?


With the help of Google Play Pass, the developers can receive royalties based on the time spent by the users with their app. Google will refine the model consistently to make sure the developers get their fair share.


Another benefit for the users is that they receive useful and important data. In the absence of any payment barrier, the developers can know what are the type of features users love using when they are not bound by the payment barriers. The initiative is to pick out the content that users love and expect from the developer’s community. User satisfaction is at the peak of the subscription plan.


Also, when the developers are liberated from the monetization pressure, they can be more creative and developer better apps for enriched user experience. Also, the subscribers can now experiment with different apps that they would never do if they were paid. New apps will get recognition and install because of the Google Play Pass. Google even mentioned some of the lesser popular apps like Mini Metro, Old Mans Journey, LIMBO, and Lichtspeer.


The users of Google Play Pass will see a new Play Pass Tab on the bottom of the Play Store which looks like Google-branded movie tickets. The users will be able to browse the games and apps from this button. The apps will also have the symbol of Play Pass Ticket for the users to know while they are browsing.



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