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Have You Placed Mobile App Development On Top Of Your Priority List?

Mobile Application Development January 22, 2018
MHave You Placed Mobile App Development On Top Of Your Priority List?

Mobile apps have become pervasive, you roll your eyeballs at any damn side, you will get them. Business, users, enterprises everyone has diverged their routine towards mobile apps. There is constant incoming of nuances in the app development field and the developers have to keep them updated with each one of them to combat the ever-increasing competition. There is no room for the developers following perish trends. The mobile app development is ever evolving and if you refrain from adopting the new ones and stuck with the old ones, very soon you are going to be thrown from the industry.


Being a developer or a user or a business owner, you are wondering which trend to step into, then my friend very simple answer to the question is app development on a whole. There is an entire series of trends of 2017 which are also continuing in 2018 but the majority of them are somewhere or other related to the mobile app. VR, AR, machine learning, AI are some of the trends that ruled 2017 and are a part of 2018 as well. If you are keeping a track on the latest trends, app development is the oldest, the latest and also the permanent one. If you haven’t opted for it yet, it’s high time now. Here are some of the reasons why should you place it on the top of your priority list.




Mobile World is Rising, Take Them Higher with Apps


Mobile commerce is grabbing a huge share of total sales. You won’t believe, but it is 31% of the total sales. Back in 2012, it was just 10% of the total sales. This is about to rise in the near future. You are going to watch an immense amount of growth in the m-commerce sector. Well, let me give you another reason for setting mobile apps on the top of the priority list. The mobile conversion rate has also shot up by 30% on the yearly basis. One of the biggest contributions to such huge hype is because of the digital wallets like Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal. Mobile apps have eliminated the frustrating and clumsy purchasing and payment process which has resulted in the fall of the midway transaction abandon rate. This has increased the conversion rate up to 10%.


Let me elaborate the scenario even more. Another aspect that proves that mobile apps will rise is the code cutting tactics. You would observe the demand of reacting native app development, RMAD (Rapid mobile application development) tools, custom app development, low code app development is rising. This means nothing but rising in the app development sector.


Also, let’s take a worldwide factual tour of the mobile transactions, giving you some more reasons to put mobile apps on priority. An impressive sale was $5.3 billion was observed in the US out of which $2 billion was made through mobile. Now, this is a huge contribution and a one you don’t want to miss out on being devoid of accepting mobile app trend. Luring figures, but this is nothing when we put up the figures of the china’s e-commerce tycoon, Alibaba. Alibaba held the record of $18 billion sales in a day, well it broke the record and now it is impressing $25 billion. I know big figures to digest at first, but real ones.


So, now do you have any reasons why should you not opt for a mobile app development company and plunge on the rising opportunity? If no, then what are you waiting for, you are already late, buckle your shoes and get started.




Alfred Beiley

A Senior iOS developer and a programmer by heart, I have been working at 360 Degree Technosoft since last 4 years. Engaged in all the tech and app evolution, I dedicate my part time to the company and the rest to implement in my life.

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