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Here’s A New One About Google Fuchsia: Native Support For Android Apps

Android Application Development, Mobile Technology April 30, 2018
MHere’s A New One About Google Fuchsia: Native Support For Android Apps

An entire new OS and that too with flames of replacing Android: A huge thing to digest and a huge peril on the part of the Google. So, whats cooking up with Google Fuchsia? Here the highlights of this buzzing news:


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1) The secretive and suspicious release is lined up on the side of Google and one of the juicy titbits is out that it will add Android app support to the newer OS.


2) If this amendment would not have been made, it will compel the developer to build new apps for the newer OS.


3) Developers don’t tend to develop apps for any OS which is low on the popularity scale and this is a tried and tested thing. Windows phone tried it and they were drawn towards the graveyard.


Google Fuchsia: Native Support For Android


The announcement was first made in 2016 and trapping user and mobile app development companies attention ever since. The new OS is designed to run on the multiple platforms like PCs, embedded devices and not to forget mobile devices of course. Initially, when the news was released, the OS was microkernel-based which was called Magenta Kernel which is now turned to Zircon. On a contrary, Android is based on the open-source Linux code. As per the recently revealed news, Google Fuchsia is expected to come with a redesigned user interface based on Flutter. Now, Flutter is a highly optimized mobile first 2D offering engine with support for the text.


Well, Google has not announced anything officially XDA developers editor in chief Mishaal Rahman noticed and revealed the Android Run Time branch of the code which said that OS will support the native Android apps. The suggested changes in the code mention that Google shall port the Android Run Time to function on fuchsia through the Zircon kernel. As per the reports of 9to5Mac, there was a suggestion from the company insider, the change will port the already existing apps for testing on certain internal devices.


There is a lot more to explore about this buzz of the tech town but at the moment all the details that are out are mentioned above. The developers of Google still stick with the statement that it is an early-stage experimental project with no specific date and time to be converted into a full-fledged and functional operating system. Hold your excitement, you will get to know more on the 8th of May when the Google I/O conference is scheduled. Let’s see what nuances are coming up from the Google for their users.


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