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How Can You Develop An Errorless Mobile Application?

Mobile Application Development February 9, 2017

The mobile app development business hasn’t paused a second since the boom of Mcommerce prevailed. Every big or small organization are in need to make their visuals improved in mobile. Why is it so important to do it? Is there any alternate strategy? What would happen to the business who don’t opt for mobile applications? What if they have one but it isn’t bug-free?


Develop An Errorless Mobile Application


There are certain crucial factors which are mandatory for any mobile application that makes it simple but smart. This article is for everyone: Developers, Customers/Mobile Users, Business Going Mobile and Businesses who will go mobile.


Beta testing


One of the best options for bring the best out of mobile applications when you need the super performance from it is Beta Testing. It is a bug proofing method and it has consistently proved to be the critical factors to make a neat mobile app. You can pass it through multiple filters by getting the app review from different people. The good thing about is that there is no limit to how much beta testing you can undergo. Developers can simply close in on important issues by using multiple revisions.


Security concerns


Security is a distressing aspects of mobile application development because most of the bugs that appear are direct results of breaches that occur in this sector. So naturally, developers are extra careful when dealing with app security, because removing the chances of the app striking the bugs in this department can substantially improve the overall product’s stability. Well, there is one and only one good option to maximize bug reduction.


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It’s Testing and Testing over and over again. Do it continuously and you can identify vital weak spots and vulnerabilities in the software’s security. The positive aspect of this factor is that it can be accomplished in the beginning stages of the project because it helps you fragment the workload of testing it in its entirety.


Automated testing and error reports


Beta testing is good it would be better to express the unselfishness of strangers when it comes to identifying problems. By using tools which allow you to do automated tests and receive automated error reports, you can increase the continuous amount of effort you are getting. This heads to the aforesaid theoretical error to make it to the final version of the app. The good thing about is that it doesn’t consume much time and agile development takes place along with the testing.


Investing resources into a debugger


Investing resources into a debugger will also show up in the quality level of the final build. But if you appeal to the services of a Visual Studio type of IDE, you will find it very easy to bypass some procedural steps that would otherwise “bug” you out. . Yes, debugging can be quite the pain when you take a common route that implies using PHP, Python or Ruby.


Code revisions


You must have intuited the third important concern. Yes, it is code revisions, of course. Sincerely, code revisions can save you a lot of hassle. To many experts, this is a very effective way of ensuring the efficiency and quality of your own code. All it is to be done is inspecting the code elements and revise it accurately. Irrespective of who you are: a solo developer, project partner or mobile app development team altogether, you can review other code. Isn’t it simple and sophisticated option?  You can easily identify the problems that snuck by you.


Do you think there are other factors remaining which I forgot to add? Do let me know in the comments.


Jignesh Audichya

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager and Sales Generation Leader who thrives to take the personal and professional growth to the next level.

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