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How To Activate Autofill Option in Your Android Oreo App?

Android Application Development October 16, 2017

Feeding details on the small screen can be really annoying and time-consuming. This will be even more irritating when a similar set of details has to be filled time and again. How many times have you fed the login details in the same app? Or how many times have you filled your credit card details while using any payment app? Being an app developer, you have to be smart enough to avoid displaying any form or any login screen frequently. This will no good your app, instead, it will force the users to quit your app to never return back. Well, the Android app development India have to become smart enough with the evolution of Android Oreo’s Autofill framework. Entering data has become a piece of cake on the Android platform. This gives two-way benefit to the developers: one is to entail excellent user experience and another is accumulating users data easily.



Activate Autofill Option in Android Oreo App


How does Autofill Feature Actually Work?

Autofill feature can basically store data which majority of the apps need on the frequent basis like email address, password, credit card details and so on. Well, this feature is exclusively for the Android Oreo version. To make this feature work on the Android device, the users have to install an autofill service app that can coordinate with this framework. When the system will detect any new information feed in the autofill section, it will come up with a dialogue box asking if they intend to save this information for the autofill service. If you choose to save, it will available to the other apps also needing the same kind of information. Next time you open the app, an autofill picker will be shown having all the needed data stored in the autofill service.


Adding Hints for The Autofill

If your mobile application development is making use of standard views then it should anyway work with any of the autofill services which make use of heuristics to know the data type that each of the views expects. Well, the majority of autofill services makes use of such heuristics but there are certain which don’t do so. Certain is based on the view itself to retain the type of data that it expects. For making sure that mobile app communicates well with this Android Oreo’s autofill framework despite the fact whatever service they have installed, you will have to install Android: Autofillhints to each and every view which can send and receive Autofills.


Test The Autofill Feature with Your Mobile App

You can test the Android autofill feature only when your device is upgraded to the Oreo update. In case if your tablet or smartphone has not received this update, you will have to create an Android virtual device which is running on the 26 level of the Android API or even higher than that. You can install this on your device with selecting Run>Run from the Android Studio toolbar. What next? Just hunt for a mobile app that can run autofill data and test whether your Android app development is up to the mark.


Activate Android Autofill and Add The Data

The default setting of the Android autofill will be disabled. You will have to enable it by choosing the services you intend to use. Here’s how: Open the setting app of your device. Go to the system- language and input- advanced and autofill service. Choose the Multi-dataset autofill service. This is basically autofill service app of the Google. Read the warning on the screen and if you find it proper, click OK.


If you are going to test the app, you need to fill the data to check whether it is supplied to other apps or not. Here’s what you need to do:


1) Load the app you want to use.


2) Feed the details that are asked for in the app.


3) Save the entered data to the autofill services.


4) Switch to the app that you intend to test.


5) Select the appropriate view and check whether the autofill pops up to complete the view or not.




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