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How To Build A Tip Calculator App?

Mobile Application Development August 6, 2018

tip calculator app development

We all dine out with friends, don’t we? Have you ever encountered the situation where you all grab the food and when the bill comes, you all stare at each other face? One good person grabs the bills, faff around about the tip to be paid and hastily ends up either paying too much amount or too less amount? Well, I have encountered such situation, if too much amount goes, I get the blame for paying extra and if too less amount goes, I get the embarrassment.


Such a scenario stops every individual from taking the bill and paying it off. What if there is a permanent solution to this embarrassment? The solution is right in your smart-phone. It’s a tip calculator app. Such app not only calculates the percentage and amount of tip to be paid but also distributes it equally in the number of persons. Isn’t it relieving?


There are a bulk of rebellious ones as well not wanting to pay the tip. Well, there is no such mandatory rule to pay off the tip. But, usually by paying the tip, we kind of show gratitude to the waiters of the restaurants or cafes for the good service they have provided. Well, the amount is different in different countries but all of them do provide a certain percentage of the tip to waiters. For Americans, the general rule of the tip is 15%. Not mandatory, it can be a little up or down.


How much tip should you pay?


Well, a complicated question to ask. A plethora of factors work to decide the amount of tip, let’s explore them:


1) The type of service provided.


2) The level of the place visited.


3) The behavior of the waiters.


4) The quality of the food served.


5) The amount of bill.


Well, whatever the case may be, you can pay from 5% to 20% of the total bill. Whether you are the sole payer or you are in a group, a tips calculator app always helps you decide the right amount to be paid. If you are a tip calculator app development company, you must have researched the best features to be integrated into the app. Let’s explore some of them:


Features To Have In A Tip Calculator App


  1. Amazing interface for feeding the amount of bill.
  2. The number of persons to split the bill.
  3. Flexible tip percentage.
  4. Slider for tip percentage, large number pad, and people picker to guess the proper input.
  5. Feature to include or exclude the tax.
  6. Save the current setting of the tip calculator.
  7. Updates on the total bill and tip calculation.
  8. Shake the device and reset the bill.
  9. Share the tip amount with the other people.
  10. Pay the bill and tip through the app.


tip calculator app


The basic three features, the app works for are:


1) Calculate the tip


Feed the amount of the bill, the place you took the lunch or dinner at, the quality of the food, and the service provided. Well, this is not too many details to feed in. These are the necessary ones. You don’t want to pay more for unsatisfactory service and not to pay less for commendable service. So, feed in the details and get the exact and appropriate amount of tip to be paid.


2) Share with your pal


Feed the amount of bill, number of persons, again the place and the quality of food and service. This feature will show you the tip to be paid in total and to be paid by each person individually.


3) Expense sharer


Well, this feature is not exactly about the tip. It includes everything the electricity bills, the household expenses, expenses of a trip or vacation, and any such expenses between the roommates, family members, or friends. This way there is no long discussion, fights, or financial misunderstanding. The expenses and division are transparent and no one has to nag each other for paying it off.


If you are looking forward to develop a tip calculator app, make sure to integrate these features in the app.


Alfred Beiley

A Senior iOS developer and a programmer by heart, I have been working at 360 Degree Technosoft since last 4 years. Engaged in all the tech and app evolution, I dedicate my part time to the company and the rest to implement in my life.

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