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[News] How To Create Android Apps For Beginners?

Mobile Application Development, Mobile Technology July 19, 2016

Good News to android application developers. Why? The technology heavyweight Google and Udacity have unitedly decided to offer a nano degree in Android app development which is ‘Android Basics Nanodegree’. The course fee is a mere $200 and the good thing is that it will give you a certificate. The total course duration will be comprised of 165 hours, to build a portfolio of basic Android apps over a period of approximately four weeks, a rate of 6 hours/week learning schedule.

How to create android apps for beginners

The course is meant for people without any prior coding experience, teaches you the basics and also, teaches a more advanced course called the Android Developer Nanodegree. It’s meant to teach Android app building to those with little or no coding experience, though more advanced developers can go back to school with Google and its partner Udacity for a rapid refresher of the basics. There is a free version of the course, for which 131,406 students have so soon signed up. Additionally, instruction videos are available and those interested are anticipated to learn by following step-by-step instructions and doing exercises.

Developers [of mobile app development company] can opt to integrate only a few of these services. There are pricing tiers available for emerging and growing mobile apps at maximum scale. In addition, it also comprehends localizing apps for various languages along with recognizing and fixing bugs and freakish demeanor in their apps.

“It’s a learning path that takes someone with no coding experience to building a whole portfolio of basic Android apps,” –Kuan says.

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Google is making it convenient for people to learn to code for Android without resigning from their day jobs. Through Udacity, Google is aiding a lifetime-valuable chance to get their Android Basics Nanodegree. It desires more people to know that if they have an app idea, they can create it themselves. There are more than a billion Android devices in pockets but in spite of being the most popular mobile platform on the planet, many people still find it restraining.

“I think everyone comes across that moment when they’re fiddling around with an app, and they’re like, ”

Spence says.

For those who are exploring career ideas, the base salary for an Android developer ranges from about $52.4k to $136k annually. Those interested in enrolling in the Android Basics Nanodegree program can do so.

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