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How To Create iPhone Apps That Gets Highlighted On Apple Store?

iPhone App Development November 22, 2013

As we talk and it’s developing industry, iPhone 5C, the latest and the most awaited gadget of Apple family has arrived into about mobiles the market. As the graph of iPhone users is going steep, there is also exponential increase in apps introduced into the market. Every single day thousands of apps are developed, designed and launched at Apple store. But if we lure back and see how many apps get successful at the end of a month or two, the figure seems to be quiet less. Avoiding this has become imminent for profitable penetration in the market.


iPhone App Store


It is not that the failure of the app is only due to response of the crowd. There are numerous factors which count on this. Apple the mega store sterilizes all apps and their behavior before submission and being launched on the App store. Whatever may be the domain for app like entertainment, education, gaming, chatting etc, the reaction of app in the market depends upon various factors that app makers may not even have think of. So some of the ways to get highlighted on Apple store are enlisted below:


Follow HIG To Design


iPhone undoubtedly possesses the best outlook feature visuals with respect to its screen, touch and user interface. So it is necessary to design iOS apps with HIG (Human interface guidelines) provided by Apple. According to a survey, 60% of app downloads depend on its designs and styles while the application usability is merely 15-20%. The reason behind this is that there are numerous apps in the market that have same features and applicability. So it becomes obvious for the user to choose the iPhone app that has better user-interface.


Survey, Update And Further Survey


This is the essential trick for any android, iPhone or iPad app to get remarkable results on respective app stores. iPhone application developers need to carry informal survey on Apple store whether any compatible concept with their app. If no, progress towards the next milestone for app making. But if yes, either drop the concept or by updating and implanting new attractions in app, make it sellable. After successful launching on Apple store, try to emphasize on reviews from the market that can help upgrading easier and efficient.


Stick To The Domain


Apple is known for its fortified credibility in applications department. So to get approval from the Apple store, it is indeed necessary to keep your app concept as simple as possible. Also never present test version as it directly gets rejected. Your app may confer to any domain but the essentially is to keep simplicity for user as well as for the marketers to understand and establish your app. After the approval of the app and its performance overview in the market, you can look to enhance features.



Versatility On The Floor


Any app store always encourages the new idea for app that can create large number of users. Besides this, iPhone Application Development Company invest lot to build glorious app ecosystem. To get continuous recognition on app market, bring apps that have versatile behavior and completely different concepts. If promoted well, hype will be created in the market which will ensure increase in market value for sure.


These are the helpful tips that anchor iPhone app developers as well as the companies manage their coastlines and allocate respective resources for progress of application. As craze for mobile apps have multiplied, so as the competition grown in the market. So securing market attention has thus become important for everyone to get noticed and grow according to the trends.



Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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