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How To Go Live In The App Store Without Fail

Android Application Development May 29, 2017

The World is on an outset of “From mobile to mobile first”. Since 2015, Google has announced about this shift. In the current era, people are more couch potato and mobile search is no longer an option, it’s the only option. If you want to conquer the micro-moments of mobile search, you must be all set for mobile. Got the point? If you have already run the predictive analytic approach and you are all set with a bee’s knees mobile app right in your head, well done on that. I suppose you have a flabbergasting idea but all you have is the idea and with that how are you going to redress the funding aspect?


Go Live In The App Store Without Fail


Go Live In The App Store Without Fail


What you need is a mobile app development agency to convert your idea into an app but that will be expensive right? If you choose to opt for the difficult but inexpensive one, here is a tried and tested footprint you need to trust and follow to turn your vision into a mission. Follow these footprints if you want to avoid:


  • Download figures lower than estimated ones.
  • Negative feedback on the grounds of bad functionality.
  • Users who leave unsatisfied with the app experience and never turned their ways again.


Developers skip a step or two and miss out the opportunity of successful mobile app launch which slowly and gradually turns your app towards app graveyard.


1) Draft of App


Spawn a landing page that astonishes the user at the first sight. Before going live in the app store, give a short sneak peak of the app to the users to make them curious about the actual app launch. Put up value proposition, image or video to portray your app, a list of astonishing features, attractive CTA to get triggered number of sign up on release date. Ensure to keep the CTA nearby and easily visible to engage the interested users on the spot.


2) Alluring Content


Content should be an explicit reflection of your proposition and it should be highly compelling to ambush the user and make them sign up on the roll. The target audience should be the driving factor for content. Quest for their needs and hit right on it and how dare they resist your content and your app. Say for example:


  1. Paytm, go cashless would be the perfect tagline to lure the users.
  2. Redefine the way you shop, this is something Flipkart uses to promote itself.
  3. Amazon.com and you are done. Watch for Amazon great indian festival sale 10-15 october 2018 offers list.
  4. Walmart- save money live better
  5. Ebay- buy it, love it sell it


Mcdonalds, when you hear this, words automatically tinkers the mind, I m loving it. This is the magic of alluring content that we are talking about. Content is the culminating stratum to have a fun of the creative advocacy of your app.


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Go Live In The App Store


3) Landing Page Creation


Not just the apps are over flooded with 2.8 million existent right now but also their creators are in the similar density and choosing the one can be daunting and again an expensive one. For making an impact after going live in the app store, you have to build a landing page. Majority app developers obviate on the following grounds:


  1. Time-consuming and brainstorming to create.
  2. Lag behind to enact mind boggling conversion rates.
  3. Blank mindset on further improvement of the landing page.


To overcome these defects, turn your ways to some of the incredible landing page building tools:


  1. Unbounce
  2. Instapage
  3. Leadpages
  4. Squarespace
  5. Google Analytics


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4) Flourish Your Landing Page


You have finally reached the bottom line. You have worked for some donkey’s years to reach this stage of mobile app development and blimey, it’s the time. Put your best feet forward and go viral with your landing page going live. Take it on a test drive and once you are rest assured, you have come up with a smashing app, just get started. Spread the word as much as you can and engage and drive the viewers into users.


These were few factors that an app should have for easy approval. These were basically the do’s for app store approval. You must also know the don’ts to create an app that will make your app easily pass the app store.


Why Your App Rejected By App Store?


reasons for app rejections in app store


1) Performance Glitches


Despite the fact how beautiful your app looks or how feature filled it is, the app store authorities won’t allow any app which isn’t working flawlessly. The factors which are considered in the performance glitches are messy navigation, confusing or irritating entry screens, higher loading time of the pages, and such other things. Users will right away abandon the app if any of these factors are experienced in your app. Before even user gets the chance to disapprove your app, the app store itself will reject it. Before you hit the submit button, check twice the app is free of any performance issues.


2) Privacy Problems


Privacy policies are must to be followed while developing and submitting your app to the app stores. Users data are of prime importance and any compromise with that would not be tolerated by the app stores. The app must take permission before getting access to any of the data of the user whether it is contacts, gallery, or any such thing.


3) Bugs and Crash


An app that is buggy and crashes often is sure to be rejected from the app store. There would already a plenty of apps in the app store which is top-notch, qualitative, and loved by users which are of the same category as yours. When something better than your app is existing in the store, there is no point of adding something which is poor in every category. So, bugs and crash are strictly prohibited.


4) Browser Incompatibility


It’s not just a desktop thing. The apps you develop has to be compatible with every browser be it chrome, Firefox or Safari. Generally, the mobile app development compromises the testing of the app with the browsers and publish the app which later creates an issue for the users. App stores are not specifically in the support of something like this and will instantly reject the app with browser incompatibility.


5) Device Incompatibility


Be enthusiastic and ditch the thought that an app can’t be tested on every device. If it is bound to work on every device, it is bound to be tested on every device as well. From the basic OS to the top one, from iPhones to iPads, from Android smartphones to tablets, the apps should function on everything.


6) Copyright Issues


Why would the moderators accept the copy content or theme? If your app is not unique, it is directly directed to the rejection. It’s just the waste of time to submit an app just for the rejection.


7) Improper Description


Make sure the description of your app is perfect. It should exactly be how your app is not a thing more or less. It should not mislead the user to download the app and explore something totally different from its description. Also, the size of description matters. It should not be too short or too long, just cut to the point.


8) Placeholder Content


This creates a negative impact on the reviewer. It seems like your app is still in progress and not completed and you have submitted it for review. This will invite the moderator to dig in deep and explore some other faults in the app and lead to app rejection. So, no place for placeholder content at all.


9) App or Website


If your app is website based, ensure that your upload is an app instead of a website in app wrapper. If it is an app, make it a full-fledged app to decrease the chance of app rejection.


10) The absence of Standard Functionality


If you are redirecting the user to some other channel through your app to use some specific function, the chances of app rejection increases. Your app must do not consist of all the standard functionality, there is no point of having it at all in the first place.







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