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IBM Launches New Open Source Development Tool For IoT Called Quarks

Mobile Technology February 18, 2016

IBM (International Business Machines) has always been at the forefront of technology since its pioneering days and when it comes to IoT (Internet of Things), it has now launched a new open source development tool called Quarks. This open source development tool will be of great assistance to develop efficient applications based on the IoT sensor data.


Open Source Development Tool For IoT Called Quarks


This new and innovative tool is actually based on the IBM streams product. In turn, this is a proprietary enterprise tool that processes large amounts of live data. It provides programmers as well a manufacturers the opportunity to build applications of connected devices.


In what way Quarks is useful


Thus, in this manner, programmers can take advantage of the live data coming of devices in a simple yet efficient manner.  Programmers can easily track the health of patients such as diabetics with the help of a wearable device. Additionally, they can even track the well-being of employees working in hazardous situations such as in a mind or on an oil rig.


Many scenarios will require monitoring of data at the sensor level. Therefore, accessing the data in a real time situation is also very crucial, for it could become necessary for the wearer of such devices to know if they are in a dangerous situation instantly. A lag in communication about a hazard is simple unacceptable.


Such programs help devices to communicate with other devices or even with other humans.  At an extended level, such programs could communicate information to the enterprise level as well. There are various other scenarios as well, such as treatment of patients using medical devices, where a doctor checks how a group of people react to a treatment regimen over time. Additionally, the doctor could receive information on a regular basis over a period, in order to determine how the patient is responding to treatment.


Its just the beginning however!


It is just the beginning of Quarks currently, however, according to IBM, it hopes to build a community of involved companies as well as programmers. The company hopes that Quark will become a standard way of building applications for this type of IoT scenario.


Other companies, notably, CISCO are also looking for an enterprise level IoT in the cloud. Here, IBM is not alone, as large companies do believe that moving forward, finding different ways to capture, store, as well as process IoT data is a big business in itself.


Conclusion :


The release of Quarks can be considered to be a broader strategy so that IBM can capture a bigger piece of this business. It is worthy of note that IBM has submitted a proposal to the Apache Foundation that Quarks be considered an incubation project so that it can move forward as part of its overall strategy.


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