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Importance of Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Development
April 14, 2015
Importance of Mobile Application Testing

It is so obvious that any developer who creates a mobile application is willingly wishing that app to be succeed. After investing a huge amount of time, efforts and money any developer would expecting success in return with a bundle of profit from that mobile app.


There are many factors included there into development of successful mobile application but there are so many aspects there too affecting an application before its release. Here we are going to discuss some of them which takes place before app release. All these factors are rolled up into one procedure called Mobile App Testing.


There is no chance of introducing an app fully loaded with bugs and issues to the world if its properly tested by the developer before its launch. if user will find errors into an app then it will directly effect an engagement and app download ratio can be damaged. Developers can avoid facing this situation by implementing an accurate testing round for their mobile app.


Mobile Application Testing


One of the best mobile app testing approach is to involving people who can give your app a revolutionary opinions for achieving a better performance. You can involve friends, family, end user or professionals too in the process of your mobile app testing for getting reviewed about your app. A developer should choose a person who has been involved in the app development process from a very start, as he must be aware of whole development process the problem can be identified more efficiently.


On the other hand there is an issue while conducting a testing session with a developer of an app, as the creator of the mobile app he is so rooted in every development module, its hard to step out from the app environment and checking an app out with a fresh eye. Whereas a person who is not at all involved in a development process can check the app out with a more efficient way and can give a real and honest review for your mobile app.


Here are some of the key points of successful mobile app testing:


Think like a customer


Any developer must needs to think from a user point of view for the better application achievement, as ultimately the users are the reason for any developer to develop the mobile application. If he thinks that what all are the features any user would love to have in his app, then he will get an awesome functional application. Which all are the functionalities going to be used and are they the appropriate ones as per the need of the mobile application?


Strategic testing plan


Any developers should build some strategic planning of developing the mobile application testing before the launch of their application. Strategic planning for the purpose of testing helps developers to define time lines for their work completion and also ensures the soft flow of process.


Use of metrics for continuous improvement


Metrics are acting as a way of identifying the areas which are working well and those which needs to be worked on. It is important to gather all data on which the application is going perform. Metrics like session time and retention rates for customer can give you an important information about making your app successful.


Focused non-functional testing


As testers are more concerned with the app functionalities, they might fail sometimes to give sufficient attention to the non-functional features like app performance, layout, performance time, loading, expected output generation. Generally testers are giving a less priority to all these non-functional aspects and look at them at last when they are already running out of time. Without the testing of all these non-functional area, your app might face so many problems in the real world.


Nowadays various testing tools are available in the market, which are used to provide a visual analytics and developer will come to know that how users are interacting with his application and can implement an expected changes. Such analytic information will help for better improvement of various modules and will support for a successful app launch which users are going to love to use.


Pratik Kanada

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