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Intuitive Updates Google Launched at Pixel 2 Event

Mobile Technology October 5, 2017
MIntuitive Updates Google Launched at Pixel 2 Event

Basically, the second smartphone under the Google label and yes not to deny upsurged from each and every aspect. Google announces: it’s simpler and yes smarter. Without wasting even a single moment let’s just dive in deep to explore whats there for the Pixel lovers.


1) Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL


Two phones and both equally amazing to give a hug. So, what’s that features that arouse goosebumps:


Aluminum body: Astounding aluminum body with a display of 5 inches and 6 inches full HD and OLED display of pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL respectively. Available in three colors, pure black, plain white and kind of blue.

google pixel2

Improved battery life: You know what? Just 15 minutes of charging and this device can work 7 hours long. I know it’s pretty amazing and hard to believe. But, yes, that’s true Google claims to entails all day long battery life.


Always-on display: I know, this is amazing. This feature will display information like date, time, text message notification, email, and reminders right on your screen and guess what you don’t even have to touch your screen to view any of these.


Portrait mode camera: 12MP rear camera having the 98DxO mark. This is basically the highest score for any smartphone camera even the previous Pixel had 89. The camera also supports OIS and EIS conjoined with HDR smarts. One of the glittering features added to the camera is portrait mode shot. Portrait mode enables capturing professional shots by blurring the background and highlighting the foreground. Well, this mode is not limited to the rear camera but applies to the front camera as well.


Water resistance and front-facing speaker: Those with having eagle’s sight would have already noticed two speakers on the front side of the device. That’s the suspense disclosure behind eradicating headphone jack. Water resistance quality has also been enhanced and can pass a swim of 1 meter of water level until the time of 30 minutes.


Active edge feature: Both of the devices are incorporated with active edge feature. This activates selected functions just by squeezing the edge of the phone without having to unlock the phone.


Fingerprint scanner and headphone jack removal: One of the buzzing design change in this device is the removal of the headphone jack. This clearly means you will have to use Bluetooth headphones or use an antiquated adapter or USB-c connected headphones if you seek to use traditional headphones pair. Also, Google claims that with Pixel 2 they have introduced the fastest fingerprint scanner.


Warp it up with costing: The costing for pixel 2 for $649 for 64 GB model and $749 for 128 GB model.
For pixel 2 XL, costing sets around $849 for 64 GB and $949 for 128 GB.


2) Pixelbook


At the pixel launch event, the company came up with its latest Chromebook which got its nomenclature as Pixelbook. It has a high-resolution display with a size of 12.3 inches. You have availed with the options of choosing from either Core i5 or Core i7 processors. The weight is around 1 kg and is 10mm thin along with a 4-in design that entails you to use in the form of a tablet.


3) Home mini, Home max


There has been an addition of two new family members in the Google’s home. New home mini is launched which is in the direct competition with Amazon’s Echo Dot. It costs around $99 and available in three colors. It can connect with any of the Chromecast enabled speakers wirelessly. Coming to the Home max, it’s the elder member of the family with a sound power 20 times more than that of a standard home device. The elder family member is available in two different colors. Google is giving free home mini to those buying Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL.


4) Pixel buds


After waving goodbye to the headphone jack, Google disclosed Pixel buds. This is the first time, Google has introduced their won wireless earbuds. This comes with gesture control. You can control the volume, change songs just by touching the pixel buds. This is just amazing, you know why? It can translate 40 languages. Super cool, right? This super cool piece just in $159 available in three different colors: White, Black, and Blue.


5) Clips


One of the teeny weenies yet interesting hardware launched at the Google Pixel event is clips. It’s basically a miniature form of camera launched at the hardware event. This little camera is powered by AI engine which makes the camera smarter just what current era needed. These clips are smart enough to detect objects and people. It contains a camera shutter button along with a companion mobile app for the remote operations. It is named clips because it captures motion pictures like clips. Mobile app development companies have to figure out the ways to develop apps for clips.


6) Daydream view


One of the attention seeking hardware product launched at this event was a VR headsets, Daydream view. The feature integration and controller are same as that of the first daydream view. There are changes in the design and look which is commendable. Three color choices are available and the cost is $99.



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