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Apple iPhone Owners Can Do Many Things That Android Users Can’t

iPhone App Development August 22, 2016

The debate is unresolvable and ongoing since the existence of smartphones has begun. People use iPhone for sophistication and look imperial; others prefer Android because they think it is not worth spending too much money on iPhone when you can get almost the same at lower prices. The list is continuous and there is no definite conclusion.

Android and Apple have been involved in rivalries since the time when people have started understanding the actual difference between the two. But in this article, we will be picking one side over the other; in fact, we will come across the reasons why Apple iPhone owners can be proud of few things that Android users can never be.

apple app vs andrpid

Yes, Android smartphones have a plethora of features that Apple doesn’t, but rejoice and relax since the iPhone comes with a range of unique attributes that Google-powered phones cannot think of.  As customers are willing to buy a phone which has more features, it seems the battle for smartphone hearts is set to continue for a while.

Let’s talk about all the higher-ranking, brilliant features of the former.

Updates for All

US technology firm acquainted biometric security with the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5S back in September 2013. After 3 years, Apple no longer sells an iPhone from its Store that doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner. In the dividing line, Android only introduced system-wide support for fingerprint scanners in Marshmallow, which launched in October 2015.

When Apple overstretches on a new iOS update, it reaches every iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owner without any delay. That’s because Apple has complete control over when its operating system updates roll-out – there’s no intercession from mobile carriers or smartphone manufacturers.

The first priority

One of the official surveys unveiled that the average Android version of any application has 38 % more code than Apple applications. Also, most of the developers prefer to upload their applications to Apple primarily. The recent and best example is Prisma – the application that dramatically transformed photo editing art was first premiered on iPhone.

Be it developing or executing it live, be it from users’ side or app development companies’ side, it is Apple who seizes the seat in most of the cases. Every time, But even these will debut new features and tweaks on iOS ahead of Android users.

Simple and Easy

Apple’s Spotlight search is an extra-ordinary tool. From any Home Screen panel on your iPhone or iPad, simply touch your finger to exhibit and drag down to load the search field. Spotlight can also search the web, so you don’t have to fire-up a separate app before you kick start your next Google search. You can then launch a search for draft emails, individual tracks, apps, contacts, phone numbers, and messages, available to stream via Apple Music.

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Works Great with All Your Devices

Being able to seamlessly transition between devices in this way is implausibly useful. Since Apple creates both the hardware and software for its devices, they incline to work in a better way together. Start writing an email, document, text message on one Apple device and you can immediately pick up where you left off from another. With Continuity, you can also make and receive phone calls from your iPad, iPod touch, or Mac when your iPhone is on the same Wi-Fi network.

More Secure

Android also has more users worldwide, which makes it appealing for cyber scammers. Apple’s iOS is a more secure platform than Android. Granted, it’s not conceptive. But it is better. Meanwhile, the US Department of Homeland Security has already estimated before that a scrimpy 0.7 % of malware threats would affect iOS users. In its 2015 Mobile Threat Report, Pulse Secure estimated that a jaw-dropping 97 % of all malware written for mobile targeted Android devices.

Now, you must have got the reason why the android app development company is still thriving to overtake Apple.



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