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Keynotes of Apple Event 2018 : Apple’s 2018 iPhone Keynote Event

iPhone App Development September 13, 2018

Keynotes of Apple Event 2018

Missed the live Apple event? No worries we have everything covered right here. Its September again and we all know what it is popular for, “New iPhones”. The entire year Apple experts work day and night to make this day special and give the Apple users something amazing which can hold them for another year. So, let’s get started with what astonishing software and hardware Apple has for its users this year.


One, no it’s two, hold on a sec it’s three new iPhones Apple has to release this year. The previous years iPhone X was a huge success and it continues with it iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr. The surprises don’t end here, the star product of the event was the Apple watch series 4. This watch is considered the most powerful wearable of the generation. Let’s get started.


Keynotes of Apple Event 2018


1) iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max


iPhone Xs Max


1) The super retina is one of the highlighting features. There are custom OLED displays which provide the most accurate color in the industry. Also, iPhone Xs Max has the largest display any iPhone has ever had.


2) It has the most durable glass with a beautiful gold finish integrated with an atomic-level process. These devices are also water and dust resistant.


3) The back glass allows these devices to charge wirelessly and the charging speed is higher than it is in the iPhone X.


4) It has integrated the facial authentication. Unlock your phone with your face ID which makes these even more secure.


5) These devices have an intelligent A12 Bionic chip which is considered as the most powerful and smartest chip having a next-generation neural engine. This entails extraordinary AR experiences.


6) Dual camera system allows you to take pictures better than ever. It has an innovative sensor which works with the neural engine and ISP to give an outstanding output.


7) Enhanced storage with 512 GB of inbuilt capacity making these devices the highest capacity iPhone till date. Not to forget the 4G advanced LTE speed for the fastest downloads.


8) The iPhone Xs costs $999 and iPhone Xs max costs $1099 and available in gold, silver, and space gold.


2) iPhone XR


iPhone XR


The new liquid retina which makes it stand out from other devices. It has the most advanced LCD you can have in the entire industry. There is an innovative backlight design. This allows the screen to stretch in the corners. The colors seem so real from each of the edge of the device.


1) It has a 6.1 display with industry’s best color accuracy and true tone, wide gamut and tap to wake feature.


2) It has the most durable glass with aerospace-grade aluminum bands and has six new stunning finishes. Also, the display is dust and water resistant.


3) Wireless charging in an easy and fast manner can be done with the back glass.


4) The level of security is increased with Face ID.


5) It has A12 smart bionic chip. Well, it is not as powerful as it is in the iPhone Xs but it is still an addition to the iPhone X.


6) iPhone XR costs $749 and is available in funky colors like blue, yellow, and coral.


3) Apple Watch Series 4



Apple Watch Series 4



Just after few years of Apple watch was launched, it was a big success. Now, when wearables are the trend, how can Apple lag back in one its forte? So, here it is Apple watch 4. Now, this watch has a bigger display and a smaller bezel. The watch screen has 30% more display space to showcase the stats, scores, and calendar information. The speaker and microphone have a huge improvement and Apple commits it to be double loud as compared to its last years model. Now, making phone calls, using it as a walkie-talkie, and talking to Siri would be a lot easier. The previous years model was 38mm and 42mm which makes the current model bigger being 40mm and 44mm of size. The crown is surrounded with a red circle to show the differentiation between the current and previous model.


Well, it’s not the appearance that’s the wow factor but its what is inside the watch that makes it stand out from the other Apple watches. It has a dual-core 64-bit processor which makes the performance speed double. There is also a certain addition of sensors which made tracking the health even more enhanced. The Apple has now become smarter as it sends you the notification when your heart rhythm is irregular or when your heart rate is very low. This will help the users to know their health issues on an early stage and cure them. It will also be alert if you experience a fall and ask you to make a call.


What’s astonishing is the integration of ECG measure. This has not been possible in any consumer device before. This is a big achievement. Even the FDA has given the approval. The Apple watch series 4 costs $399 for GPS and $499 for cellular. Well, if you feel this is too much and not something you can afford, the series 3 price drops to $279.

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