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10 Mistakes In Mobile App Marketing You Should Never Make

Mobile App Marketing July 12, 2016

An ingenious mobile app marketing strategy puts you in the lead of your competition and ensures users return to your app. Mobile application marketers know how ubiquitous mobile is. With over 1,600 apps being launched daily on the Google Play and Apple app Store, it is intriguing to succeed in a world eclipsed by apps.

Marketing your mobile application is essential. In addition, often marketers can make some common blunders when promoting their apps that can lead to dis-satisfactory results and unneeded budget wastes. Here’s what you should be looking out for to avoid unforeseen when promoting your app:

5 mistakes in mobile app marketing you should never make

Mistakes In Mobile App Marketing

#1: Application First, Strategy Later

There’s a reason that apps like Snapchat or Angry Birds have the kind of popularity that most apps draw a bead on to have. Every app is unarguably the mogul, what’s a king without its pawns? There is one simple thing you can do; think of your marketing strategy as warriors on the ground who win battles.

Just remember that if you have developed a great product, it is only quarter the battle won. An effective marketing strategy is crucial to market your app and distinguish it from the similar other apps that will make their way to the app store, and be ascertainable to the right users. This is authoritative to ensure the long term sustainability of the app and to fewer mobile app development company, this is vital.

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#2: Non-considering Value of Users

The lifetime value of users is one of the most important success metrics to evaluate the profitability, persistence and the performance. Lifetime value of users (LTV) is the amount of the revenue a customer will impart during their lifetime of using the app.

Without its knowledge, it can have direct impact on the profit and keep users engaged. Knowing the LTV of your users is critical in determining where and how much to invest in acquiring the users, and in bettering the app. One of the indeed mistakes many app development companies often do.

#3: Not customizing ASO  

App stores like Apple and Google Play are both unique and what works for one platform may not work for other. Most apps are conformed to just one platform and used across in absence of any personalization.

Do you know what will be the result? It will outcome as low engagement and uninstalls. Invest time in interpreting what works on each platform and customize your app to each platform accordingly. This can be done through ASO rules.

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#4: Not Focusing on App Store Optimization

ASO isn’t an overnight process; just like SEO, App Store Optimization is for the apps to make it discoverable in the app store with the right keywords. Simple tricks can be used in ASO strategies, and can offer valuable returns. Failing to have the right keywords in the title & the description in your app page can meliorate its discoverability.

Clearly, app icon and name are the gateway to app discovery, and hence, these must be appealing, nonpareil and exclusive, and with substantial keywords that have a high relevancy to the app, but also high search volume with low competition.

Mistakes In Mobile App Marketing

#5: Lack of Research

Research and data are the two best friends any app marketer should make. Insights into similar apps in the market and user behavior within these apps, finding potential consumers, and the market opportunity is a decisive factor on which the success of your app depends on. A fantastic app and initial downloads is great, but how do you make sure that you hit the finishing move?

#6: Setting Aside Social Networks

Social media can make you a star. It can make miracles for you that you have never ever thought of. It is considered to be one of the most important ways of marketing. Do you know how much money you can make by becoming a social media star? Just posting a picture on a Popular Instagram account can cost you a fortune and having one can help you earn that fortune.

So, yes ignoring social media marketing can be one the biggest mistake you can make. Social media marketing can be time-consuming but fruit-bearing as well. Target every popular platform Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, and any other you deem fit. But, there are some points to take care of while marketing on social media:

  • Schedule the social post for saving time for while marketing.
  • While making a post on social media, keep your voice and post as human as possible. This will help you connect with more time.
  • Provide some luring offers to invite more people and hit the download button of your app.

#7: Not Featuring in High-Quality Blog

Let’s face the bitter truth, “Nobody cares about your app.” Now, when you haven’t made people know about your upcoming app, they won’t bother to visit the app store, search your app and download it. The reason behind it is that it is not popular or it’s not in buzz.  How can you create the buzz and make people talk about your app?

The answer is simple, reach out to the bloggers and credible portals and request them to feature your app on their portals.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. What you can do is create a mail describing the reason why they should publish about your app, its astonishing features, and a little sneak peak of your app. Make it alluring enough for the bloggers to get back to you and make it happen.

Also, don’t sound too much like a salesperson, don’t be too long and get to the point, keep it clear and crisp.

#8: Lack of Mobile App Reviews

Lack of Mobile App Reviews

Despite the fact what category of app you have chosen, you will face severe competition that’s definite. So, have you created any game plan to tackle this competition? If not, reviews are the answer. What can separate your app from other apps of similar category is positive reviews.

Good reviews play a major role in winning users trust and positive ratings will help you get better rankings in the App store. The reviews are genuine and while people are confused whether to download or not, they will out for what other people have to say about it. If other users are happy with the app, the one searching will be encouraged to install and give it a chance.

#9: The Absence of Microsite For the App

A microsite is a web page or web pages which is separate from your main website. The core and the sole agenda of developing a microsite are just to promote your app. Well, it’s not mandatory to develop a microsite, it is totally optional but truly beneficial.

If you are looking out for visibility or right audience for your app, this is the best you can do. If you are into blogging, a microsite will increase the probability of making the people understand what your app is all about, how does it function, and benefits of installing it. If you are wondering what should a microsite have to hit the bullseye, here is a small list:

  • Simple and elegant design.
  • The link to all the social media accounts of the app to enable the interested people to connect.
  • A visible button of sign up for the immediate action from the user side.
  • A video for the advertisement of the app.
  • Links to the app store.
  • Screenshots of the app.

#10: Complex Registration Process

More information will help to understand the user and make their experience personalized and send them emails, messages, notifications, and updates only that they can relate to. But, sometimes in the heed of seeking more user information, the registration process is kept long which in turn will drive the users away from installing the app.

Too much information is like a barrier to entry which you intentionally place in the lure of knowing too much. Keep the registration process short, sweet, and really simple at first. Mail ID, contact information, and password are really the information to be asked for while registration and nothing else.

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