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Mobile App Update: Is It Really Necessary?

Mobile Technology October 26, 2017
MMobile App Update: Is It Really Necessary?

Update? Look back to one of your old pictures. Do you still look the same? No, right. There will be a drastic transformation. Watch one of the old movies. Do you see any enhancement in the technology and graphics? Of course, yes. Get to your storage and take out one of your old dress, is it anywhere similar to what you wear now? No, it isn’t. All these things are updated. Those who don’t accept the change and update are thrown out of the market. You can take the example of Nokia. They stuck to their standards and were resistant to change. Other companies overtook it.


You watched your competitors grow, you researched the reason and what took them ahead was digital support. The entire business has turned digital with customers going digital. Every business has their own website and mobile app aiding them in driving more business and economic growth. But, is it enough to get your mobile app developed and get relaxed? No, mobile app development is a constant process and it needs to be updated in a timely manner to keep the users engaged. Change is stagnant but users are not. To keep your users stagnant and hopefully hype, you have to make updates in a timely manner. To your astonishment, 77% of the users never use the app again after 72 hours of its installation and 52% gets uninstalled due to maintenance issues. Here are some of the reasons why it’s not an option and a necessity to update your mobile app.



Mobile App Update Is Necessary?


1) Revamping the App with Adding New Features

When users use your app regularly, they have expectations from it. There will be something better, something beneficial, something new. Updating the app in a timely manner will fulfill their expectations. Besides new players are always on their toes to drive your users towards them with an innovative approach. Updates will either make your app competitive to their app or better. Now, the question fumbling your head as an Android or iPhone app development company is how often should an app be updated. The answer is regularly and instantly. A diplomatic answer, right? You might want to kick me right now. Please hold that thought, I have a precise one. So, an app should be updated with any the launch of any new OS. Besides that, it should be updated twice in a year.


2) Opportunity to Create A Buzz Again

You developed the app and launched it and indulged in heavy promotion at that point of time. This gave you a huge amount of users, right? A mobile app is a tool to reach to your users in the easiest and fastest ways and offering them exactly what they need right at their fingertips. Communication, business and profit generation all together with one thing. When you bring an update to your app, you get an opportunity to do app promotion all over again. This will create a buzz in the market, give a reason to the existing one to stay and the new one to join. This will give a kick to your business.


3) Bug Fixing

Every iPhone or Android app development process has some technical flaws referred as bugs. This will deteriorate the functionality of the app and annoy users. This might be one of the major reasons for your users to abandon your app. To stop it right there, release an update and get all the bugs fixed. Better app with satisfied users.


4) Stay in Tune with the OS Versions

Android and Apple both release one update every year to maintain their users and entail them with an improved experience. The app update is a way to stay in tune with all the new advancement and features that new OS released. Your app will attract an enlarged audience if it is supporting the newer version of the OS.






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