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Falling into the cloud’s lap and tasting the nature’s beauty, 360 Degree Technosoft Family roars at Mount Abu

Celebration July 26, 2016

All Work & No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy


Work Hard, Play Hard. Working hard has become the routine, so what about the playing part? You should not forget the portion which is typically meant to take out the stress you feel in your mundane life. It had not been so long when the 360 Degree Technosoft Team disremembered the fun, merriment and the ecstasy of Mariar’s Wonderland than the new Mount Abu trip commenced its journey. A preplanned 2-day trip to one of the gorgeous hill stations of India became the most memorable traveling adventure for the 360 Degree family.




When you know that you are going on an adventure, you don’t dare to sleep, do you? The squad was determined ‘Not-to-sleep’ in the bus; they justified it. Right from the locomotion at 1:00 AM,Saturday, the unit played several vivid and vernacular games making the 225 kms journey look so short that when we reach Mt.Abu, not only everybody was fresh as lime but were ascertained to begin the playfulness ascending right then.


As we say in business, “You won’t be seen in the crowd of millions if you do the same as millions”, similar is the case in an escapade where you need to hunt for unmentioned places and only then, you find bliss. We did the same. The gang was set up for the beginning of the marvelous and magnificent Mount Abu’s unreferred destinations. The place where the team was about to go was kept secret by the CEO Pratik Kanada himself as he wanted it to be a ‘Surprise Package’. Well, indeed we got the whole package of ‘Aww’, ‘Woow’, ‘Oh my God’, and various astonished reaction of the troupe when the Bus halted at a place where there was everything of the things nature created including lush green trees whirling, cool breeze blowing, splendid foggy atmosphere and the drizzles striking gently to our faces. The destination was ‘Somsingh’s Cave’ which was to be tracked down by the team walking, jogging, hiking and talking. The Cave was at a height of about 500 meters from the ground level.


The Journey begins


No sooner did the guys know about the final destination than the team cheered up to go there and hold our flags there. As it is well said in the professional world, “It’s not the destination that matters but the journey.” The happiness, the eternity, the promised heaven land, the complete state of peace, the most relaxed state of human beings, the stressed free mortal, the culminating conscience phase and totality of our soul was achieved when we felt the clouds passing through us. The journey had got the starting spark it required. The destination was now a bull’s eye for the 19 guys who were not only feeling the nature’s beauty but also cherishing and relishing the fellowship of their colleagues.


The words will become too shallow and narrow if I try to explain the momentum and acceleration the troupe gained while hiking the small-hill. Here are some of the photo-memories we captured while doing hustling the mountain.Yes, we are well-recognized as one of the reputed mobile app development companies across the globe; we give that credit to our employees-turned-family.




During the journey, we came across several beautiful carved stones, waterfalls, mysteriously shaped trees, dams built at the unexpected places, paths especially made to walk, water streams coming from somewhere hush-hush, and creatures which we have never seen in our worldly life. Everything was lovely, pleasing and alluring. We enjoyed every bit of the moment we traveled in that to & forth itinerary. We proved the quote “Perspiration tastes like a salted sweet” as we reached to our destination cave with everyone sweating hard but had the most joyous feeling from within to accomplish the task with an adventurous touch.


Entering into the Abu Love Fantasy


Now that the team was pleasantly tired of the tracking, it was time to enter into the Hotel ‘Abu Grand’. It was as grand as the name suggested; the deluxe room, dinner, ambiance and the staff around made the environment affable. Having the night meal on the terrace added an extra-jubilancy within the squad. The time to play Antaxari, truth or dare, solo mimicry and jokes competition passed the 9-12 time quickly because of which the family then slept to be prepared for another rocking day, ‘The Day-2’ journey of India’s nature town and Rajasthan’s heart ‘Mount Abu’.


PS- The next day, many confessed that they had a dream about their falling in love with someone. Bazinga. 😀 It’s ‘Abu’ they fell infatuation with- the love fantasy continues…..


The Journey Continues






Day-2: A Fresh start to embarking into the enchanting existence of a hill station 1200 meters above sea level. The destination was now ‘Guru Shikhar’, 25 km from Mt. Abu and one of the heavenly places to visit before you die. The guys were excited as they realized that this would be more fantastic experience than the last day they had as the crew were now behaving as real family. The route to Guru Shikhar- the 25 kms twisting road travel with mountain as one side and valley the other side. It was mind boggling view; it showcased the twists and the turns of real-Abu, the nirvana and the Shangri-la. The below pictures would definitely demonstrate the inner and outer feelings of the team.


The Clouds all around




Everyone was perplexed, enthralled and dazzled how the clouds shifted, re-arranged and traveled from one point of the air to another. The sight was delightful, eye-soothing, and majestic. The magical moments didn’t end as the time stood still when the team sat down on the smoothly rough surface of the rocks on the top of the shikhar just to feel the fresh air going into the head and heart. The clouds were surrounding us, perforating our bodies to give the flavor and fragrance of nature. Here are some miraculous moments of the heavenly lenses smartly seized in the earthly camera.


Lie, Breathe, Feel, Relax. Repeat.




One of the finest activity done was ‘Comforting your body and leaving your body for a while’. Since we were in nature’s lap it was necessary to feel it completely and immerse into it to get a glimpse of what its taste sensation can do dramatically good to our soul and solace. Every one lied down on the rock with their smart phones switched off and a momentarily 10 minutes pause of talking, blabbering, joking, peaching, singing, uttering, chatting, babbling where we were told to ‘Not-to-think’ anything and just ‘Breathe the air, feeling it totally.’ The experience was so unheard of and distinguishing that everyone did it for about 25 minutes and the 26th minute was the ‘Most Relaxed Instant of Life’. Though it stayed for few seconds, it took all the exhausting physical and emotional aspects. We rapped the song ‘Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat’ into an extra-ordinary activity of ‘Lie. Breathe. Feel. Relax. Repeat.’



Talking with the Sky


Yes, everyone was looking perpetually into the sky because the sun was playing hide & seek with us. The bright shinny thing hid marginally giving the cloud felt environment to which the light mizzle added more feathers to the magnificent beauty to it. The eye-to-eye talk which is rare in our private and professional life was done with the nature; it was rhapsodical. Undoubtedly, while returning from the ‘Guru Shikhar’, the soul loosened up, brain decelerated its thought process and the heart slowed pounding. Give your own words from ‘Walking in the sky’, ‘Talking with the sky’, ‘Feeling like seventh heaven’, ‘blissfulness’, every phrase would eventually mean the same.


The team are now well-recognized with each other as well as bonded really strong in the whole tour. The return traveling to Ahmedabad was outstanding and noteworthy as everyone was necessitated to speak about the experience they felt about the trip. Everyone had their own views, insights, funny feel, happy go through and they contributed to everyone. The act ended upon singing a song, recite a famous comedy dialogue, dance jolly like it’s Rajpal Yadav doing hiphop, do mimicry, and what not.




The good part of this trip was it was an overall fascinating trip where every individual emotionally, physically and socially played its vital role in making the traveling breathtaking. It’s all about how to play while you work. There is not ‘Work, Work’ or ‘Play, Play’ separately. As the 360 Degree Family is proficient in making excellent mobile apps, we call ourselves ‘TheAppEntrepreneur‘.


And in the last, the team hiphip hurray-ed , “Falling into the cloud’s lap and tasting the nature’s beauty, we rocked and roared at at Mount Abu.”




Mitra Joshi

Content Writer

Working as a content writer in 360 Degree Technosoft with 5+ years of experience. An avid reader and loves to cover any and every trending topic in the IT industry. Loves to write on business, marketing, apps, designing, AI, machine learning, and chatbots, and many more.

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