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Progress To Perfection: Celebrating 7th Appiversary

Celebration July 3, 2017

Set the inception with limited human and financial resources but with a heart full of passion and mind full of innovative ideas and the ability to give them perfect execution, things have turned the table around. Well, these are the fascinating factors that led us to the stage where we are here at the celebration of our 7th anniversary. The journey from inception to celebration has been truly transformative and exotic.


The company is at it’s lucid and lucrative stage but yes, it took time for 7 years and endless efforts to reach this auspicious 7th-anniversary event. Set at the outset with few hands but, now we are outnumbered conceiving top-notch tech nerds, creative content writers, dedicated developers, technical testers, skillful SEO, miraculous marketers and bombarding business developers. We have clean-shaven our seven and we have a date with our eight. Yes, we do have a date, date with our clients and impressing them, entailing them with all they need and keeping them happy is all that we do all year long. This is the reason we have established sound relationship globally with 150 clients serving in almost more than 30 countries.


360 Degre team


The passion and devotion of the employees or rather say associates turned to be fruitful and yes, the credibility of the heights that our company has attained in this short span of time is owed to them. Spontaneous seven was successful, enlightening eight is at our wait and what comes in between is the party. The day started off with decoration. The team members got together and decorated the entire office premises with balloons, ribbons and such other decorative stuff and make the office ambiance feel like the party. Well, the celebration doesn’t end here, CEO of the company took the entire team for the lunch and had blast on the company’s anniversary. The entire team had a great time celebrating with delicious cuisines, tangy mocktails and mouth watering dessert. Well, the lunch time prolonged due to rain but that was even better, team members had great fun taking funny posing pictures, playing Ludo, chit chatting and spending solitary moments with each other. Post lunch, the management had games organized to continue the celebration mood. Positive vibes were all around and charged the team to do something enticing and exciting for the clients and the company and take it to an eye-catching position so that next year on the same day when we look back, the reason for celebration is double.


360 team


A team of 360 Degree Technosoft is at the flair of joy and filled with enthusiasm to look back and adhere and cherish their hard work and look forward to giving warm welcome to new opportunities and events to grow and become even better. It’s a treat to watch the entire team showing its commitment towards work and excitement to explore new tech and offer the clients with utmost satisfaction and on the contrary, the company equally acknowledges the efforts and excitement and keeps the morale always boost up.


360 degree technsoft team


3rd July 2017, its the date, we are stepping in our eight, a day to mesmerize and if you are associated with our company, we want you to relive this entire day. We do share our robust apps with you and now we also share our juicy tit bits of celebration also.


Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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