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Tablet Round Up: A Quick Look at the iPad Pro

iPad App Development March 21, 2016

Apple’s iPad sales might have leveled up in 2015, but this hasn’t prevented the company from from launching the iPad Pro – the 12.9 inch tablet, which seems is going up against Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. This tactic has proved quite successful and it seems that Microsoft has been prevented from lapping up the entire hybrid market to itself.

At the IDC in 2015, it was reported by analysts at the IDC that the iPad Pro sales in 2015 Q4 had exceeded the entire product Microsoft product line. This has proved to be a great victory for Apple over Microsoft.


Dramatically Different from the other iPads

In this article, let us review the iPad Pro briefly.  The iPad Pro is dramatically different from previous iPads, but it targets a different target market. At the first glance, its excellent build quality dazzles the eyes, and gives its a superior look over the rest of its iPad siblings. The design is identical to the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4, with a camera lens at the top a well as a home button and Touch ID  capabilities that nestle at the bottom.

Every other detail is quite similar to the smaller screen apple tablets, but the iPad Pro comes with four speakers, that seriously upgrades the tablet’s audio capabilities. Moreover, the large screen makes it look huge in comparison to other iPads and competitor tablets.

The iPad Pro is much heavier than the iPad Air 2 but is still lighter than the first iPad. It weighs 713g for the Wi-Fi edition and 723 g for the Wi-Fi and 4G model.  Thus, in its range, it is heavier than many rival tablet, but because of its size, it feels lighter.

Better Screen

What’s really enjoyable with this device is the clear and sharp screen (2,048 x 2,732 display) that offers excellent colours as well as contrast along with high brightness and viewing angles. The sharp screen makes viewing movies a delight, and playing games on the iPad are indeed fun!

Better Hardware

Regarding its hardware capabilities, it has the latest A9X 64-bit chip that comes with 4 GB RAM.  Although this is just a tablet, it can even shame a laptop in benchmark tests. Just as the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S set the benchmark for performance for smartphones, it can be said that the iPad Pro does it for tablets.

Classy Accessories

The iPad Pro also boasts of two classy accessories in the form of the smart keyboard and the apple pencil. The apple pencil is actually a stylus that utilizes bluetooth. The only problem is that the iPad Pro does not have a place to store it, so mind not losing it as it is quite expensive!  The smart keyboard case actually contains a full size keyboard inside, but it looks like a usual folding case.

The keyboard attaches itself magnetically to the device and there are three tiny metal contacts on the side of the Pro to provide the power as well as  connection for the keyboard.  The keyboard is just 3.2 mm thick and there are no gaps in between the keyboard keys. Though not as tactile as a conventional laptop keyboard, it is a much better option to the onscreen keyboard.

In conclusion

Currently, the cost of the iPad Pro might put you down as it is a lot more expensive than other iPads. However, you get a lot of goodies in return including a larger screen and better performance. The accessories are also great, but on the expensive side.

To give a balanced view, its good for certain professionals such as designers and artists on the move, but currently it is more expensive than a laptop and a bit cumbersome as a tablet. Nevertheless, its a great device for those who want a brilliant experience from a tablet and now that other tablets seem pigmy in size and performance, it has certainly set the benchmark for other manufacturers who would like to compete in the same segment.

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