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The Evolution of Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development June 14, 2013

Mobile application development involves a great combination of various technologies and different techniques. The mobile applications are different for various different platforms and one same app can’t be made to work on all the mobile platforms. So in case if you are planning for developing application for large numbers of mobile platforms, then surely you need to make sure that you architect and understand your app completely in order to minimize the initial and on-going development related costs and time efforts.


It is very interesting to trace the history of the mobile application development and summarizing its related facts. Back in year 1993, the first smart phone was offered for the general use by leading company IBM that was available with the basic features.


The Evolution of Mobile Application Development


Mobile solutions enable the reuse of small modules of various applications in a cell phone device. The next major advancement in the area of mobile application development was done by RIM and the much awaited BlackBerry Smartphone was released back for general use in 2002 which was marked up with the new concept of wireless email. The growing digits of years keep polishing the advancement in the mobile application development.


The Motorola DynaTAC was the first commercially available cell phones which just only have a simple and bug free contact application pre-installed in the operating system.It is a matter of concern that whether you are creating app for your personal business use or use by other business, you are required to have a complete and proper understanding of who your target audience is to whom you are developing that application. In 1970, Nokia mobile company became very famous for putting its Snake game on some of its cell phones. Then it is further followed by other amazing games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Tetris.


These early phones have changed the way people thought about communication. It is also very important to take into account the cost related factors of the mobile application development and the particular time period for launching the application.With the advent of technology in the mobile world, various demands of the users are being considered and many efforts have been put by skilled and experienced mobile application developers to build those applications in order to fulfill the demands of mobile customers. The traditional mobile application developers were suddenly involved in the embedded device market.


The WAP mobile solutions were great for various handset manufacturers as they could write only one single WAP browser to ship with the handset and rely on skilled mobile application developers to come up with the required content that users wanted. In previous years, the Android phones and iPhones have gained remarkable popularity all over the world. The reason behind increased popularity and demand of these smart phones is their pre-installed mobile applications which are trendy as well as usefulness applications. These apps are either installed on phones during the manufacturing process of phone or can be downloaded by mobile users from app stores and other mobile application platforms.



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