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The Hidden iOS 9 Features You Need to Know About

iOS / iPad / iPod September 21, 2015

All excited to get iOS 9 on your iPhone or iPad? Great news for all Apple fans! iOS 9 is finally here and is available for download on all iPad, iPhone and iPod touch models. With several improvements being made in the company’s OS, it guarantees a better user experience which includes performance, security and battery. Let us take a look at what this new version has to offer!

Hidden iOS 9 Features

If you love Apple, and have seen how iOS has developed down the years, you might be wondering what Apple has up its sleeves for you now. iOS is well known to offer best performance and a great user experience – but it doesn’t just stop with that.

The iOS 9 Features

iOS 9 is one of the best operating systems today and Apple has ensured that users won’t be disappointed.

1. Improved battery life – The iOS 9 is said to be extremely efficient and will make up for the reduce battery capacity in iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Moreover, Apple assures its users that all the existing Apple touch devices will now last longer with the new version of its OS with the iPhone 6 getting extra usage hours from every charge.

2. Power Saving Mode – For times when you really need to save on battery, a power saving mode has been added to the new version which will provide the device with an extra 3 hours of battery life! However, the sacrifices made to enable this mode have not been revealed by the company yet.

3. Back Button – Yes people! Your iPhone is finally going to get its back button – a feature which has been in demand for a long time now. Well, kind of. A back button will appear on the screen’s top-left corner whenever a user moves from one app to another.

4. Quick type – iOS 9 will allow a user to see when his shift to a virtual keyboard gets activated as the letters will switch better lower and upper case. New shortcuts and improved predictions will also be seen in this new version.

5. Multitasking with split-screen – There is some great news for iPad users exclusively. The iOS 9 will allow iPad users to open 2 apps at the same time using the feature Split View. Play your favorite game on the screen’s left side while checking mails on the right! Picture-in-picture will allow a user to have a Facetime chat while also search for stuff on the Web simultaneously.

6. Directions in Transit – The Maps app will get public transit directions in the new iOS 9. Apart from giving you directions as to which train you should take and which bus to hop on from there, you will also receive walking directions so that you find the right bus undoubtedly.

7. Smarter Siri – The new Siri in iOS 9 will now offer vital information and useful suggestions to the user even before they ask for it! For example, if a user goes to a specific coffee joint everyday at 6pm, Siri will automatically tell him how much time he will take to reach the coffee joint when he leaves home around that time. With Siri being able to handle many more requests and queries, it is obviously getting way smarter than before.

8. Updates on Wallet – Wallet is the new name given to Passbook in iOS 9 and with this name change comes several new features too! Wallet will easily hold credit cards and membership and rewards card.

9. Notes app – The new notes app will allow a user to make a checklist of stuff to be done quite easily while also allowing photos or web links to be added to any specific note. For those who like to get into details, they can draw a sketch with their finger right next to the note. Moreover, changes made to the note will be updated automatically on iCloud.com and across all devices used by that user.

10. Better security – Users will be able to keep their devices even more secure with iOS 9 as the Apple ID secure will aim to protect the user’s personal information. The new version of the OS will strengthen security via the passcode and make it difficult for others to get access to an individual’s details and to his Apple ID account.

You can download iOS 9 easily. Just check the system updates if you have not got any notification from Apple yet to upgrade. You will be set back by a few hundred MB’s but it’s worth it. With iOS 9 offering a lot of new features, you surely would be missing out of the upgrade. Nobody for one, loves to lose out on improved battery life on their iOS device.

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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