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Things to Consider While Developing a Mobile Website

Web Development January 22, 2014

The key for get the best results for mobile apps cannot be justified in a single step. It is a vast process. But talking the recent trends in the market, Smartphone users want everything on their mobile. Right from the word go, mobile has brought many revolutions in the field of technology. And now with its extended usability, one more feather added to it is the evolvement of mobile website. Applications and websites have become integral part of everyone to get noticed in the air borne world of internet.

Mobile Website Development

There are three kinds of possibilities that mobile website needs to be build:

    1. Existing website on web and needs mobile implementation
    2. New launch on mobile as well as web platform
    3. No changing in existing website but redesigning it on mobile

All these possibilities can help you extend your services on mobile platform if application development for mobile is the domain for your working.

Predict or Forecast Changes

The type of implementation on mobile is quite different from customized website development. So it needs exhaustive attempts to magnify the utility of web on mobile. If there are no changes from the existing web, it becomes easier for developer to directly run through the codes and process steps for further utilizations. Analysis of browsers and web that you have been utilizing are best form of techniques that you can implement in the work.

Design Improvements Necessary

To get efficient results on mobile web and increase traffic, new innovations in the designs has to be made. This will give amazing results for website of your mobile. It is found that as the mobile design is vertical, single column layouts or designs of such type work well. Even with auto-rotation, the browsing area to look upon decreases and so with small screen, the fixation of app design is utmost important.

Touch Pad Emphasis on Phone

Most the web users on PC’s and laptops are accustomed with clicking to get more knowledge or peeping into the further aspects of website. This cannot be the case with mobile and Smartphone because touch experience has to be dealt with while developing mobile web. Also zooming at various places has to be carried to emphasize upon the links that prevail on the web. Tapping at each and every link seems cumbersome in practice and so gathering of clickable into a single tapping structure need to be made on mobile website as long as it is possible.

Shifting Gears With Content

If you creating a mobile website for an existing business or the one that has significant presence online, than editing the content may not be the good option to make mobile web compatible with website. Content is the heart of any web and changing it can give impact on viewpoint of the user of web. So it is suitable not to change unless it is necessary.

So every mobile app developer or web developer must focus to create something that is unique but still gives the same impact as it was with existing or new website.

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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