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Simple Tips And Resources To Make An App For iPhone or iPad

iPhone App Development June 1, 2016

Good news to those who want to make an iPhone or iPad application. We should be thankful to Apple’s new Xcode 7 development environment, Swift programming language- the newest tools to begin game and iOS app development. People often ask how to get the application featured in the Apple App Store. Well, in this article you will definitely get the brief idea about it.

Resources to make an app for iPhone or iPad

Yes, to some, coding is like the most challenging task of life but wait, it’s no more difficult as you believe. The list is long- tips and resources are evolving gradually to go on the way to becoming an app developer. There’s more. You know that you can earn make a handsome amount of money by charging for it.

Get started

Let’s get started. Basically, the first thing you will do is to go to the Apple Developer Connection and click Member Center and Register. Now, you are given the access to support materials, and enable you to register iOS devices with Apple so their team can run your test apps. If you are a single developer, then it is recommended that you sign in with your own Apple ID or alternatively, the developer’s account be created (if you are a company). Don’t worry. No upfront payment is taken to register as a developer. Apple Membership (£69 per year) is, although, a good option if you wish to sell the applications. Otherwise, you can always sign up and gain access to all the developer tools for the current retail version of iOS.  Apple Developer Membership also give you access to beta versions of software such as iOS 9 and Xcode 7.

Plan, Plan

In fact, there is no pre-defined process to build a plan for the app but it’s vital to make one before you dive into any app development. But, few things remains fixed as the Camera app will simply take photos, do normal edits, and shares them, the Music app plays music from iTunes Match. Similarly, write down or note down the simplest features that your app will do; this will significantly play an important role in the iPad or iPhone app development. Before you start, decide on the new ideas and scope of what features are in, and what are out.


Decide on your marketing strategy, and ensure that the app style matches your strategy up front. Do this two things abruptly: Sketch out the interface and Gather assets (Stock buttons, icons, logos, graphics and audio assets)

Coding your own app

How convenient is for you depends on your level of coding experience, but Apple minimized the hurdles with iOS 8 and the Swift programming language before 2 years, in 2014. Let’s get introduced to Xcode. Xcode is Apple’s own IDE (Integrated Development Environment). You create apps for iPhone and iPad using a Mac program called Xcode.

Here are some useful resources to check out:

  • A Swift Tour
  • Codecademy
  • The Swift Programming Language

How to make an iPhone app: Submitting your app to the App Store with iTunes Connect

Once you app is ready you can submit it to Apple via iTunes Connect. You sign up for iTunes Connect separately from the Apple Developer Membership. Apple has this comprehensive guide to submitting apps. In 2015, it took around 7-10 days to get an app approved, but  Apple now claims that it will complete the process in 24 hours.

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I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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