Tis the Season, Christmas is the Reason – Christmas Party at 360 Degree Technosoft

Christmas celebration with office colleagues!!! Well, I would like to rephrase this sentence, “Christmas celebration with my part-time family”. We spend nine hours a day together and when you are part of 360 Family, you feel like home. It’s not just the hours we share, from morning coffee to evening tea, from Tiffin to Parle-G, from gossips to giggles, from funny moments to personal memories….we share it all. This is what families do, isn’t it? So, here it is our part-time family, of course, we do the work!!! From website management to project management, from development discussion to designing precision, from code sharing to knowledge sharing, from app test to make it best, we do work it all.


“A tree that showered our 360 Degree Technosoft family with tons and tons of fun and joy.”


“App development and Christmas are similar, both connect multiple people across the globe.”


“Red balloons signify the color of blush on our faces and while balloons signify the peace in our heart.”


“Red squad on celebration mission.”


“The celebration brings that curve on everyone’s face…we call it smile.”


“Innocent faces with intelligent minds.”

Ho Ho Ho….it’s Christmas…we have a code red. Every employee of our company looked like tomato or strawberry or apple, just kidding!!! Each one of us was dressed in red, you know the usual Christmas theme. There was a spark in words and a twinkle in the eye of each of the family members, the wave of excitement was running through our veins. Well, the day has just begun, each one was greeting one another and there it was the cute cap! The Christmas cap. Red clothes and red caps, we all were ready, set and dressed for the celebration.

There cannot be a Christmas without Christmas tree. Our entire red army got together and marched on the mission of decoration. There were a bunch of cute little things waiting to be hanged on the tree, Cute little gift boxes, colorful Santa, bubbly balls, radiant ribbons, teeny-weeny bells and a golden star. The army took their jobs: fixed the tree, hanged the decor items and on top of it all, placed the star. The tree looked adorable just like each of our faces. But, the decoration session doesn’t end here. The entire look of the tree was taken to whole another level when lights were added to it. Well, the decoration mission doesn’t even end here, the best part was yet to come, Balloons. The entire office was decorated with red and white balloons. The red squad started to blow the balloons and had great fun doing that.

Each one of us returned with the mobile devices filled with pictures, heart filled with happiness, mind filled with memories and faces filled with smiles.

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Pratik Kanada
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