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Top Six Trending iPad Applications of Mid-2016

iPad App Development June 28, 2016

The iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display shoot an impressive line in technical specs, but you know what? Half a million apps on Apple’s App Store make the device appealing and enchanting for the users.

From Gamers to photo editors, news addicts to weather forecasters, business to to-do-list, social networking, creativity to productivity, the iPad has got everything for everyone. Famous titles comprise “The Walking Dead” and “Knights of the Old Republic”; “Netflix” and “HBO GO” are especially for TV junkies.

ipad applications of mid-2016

Apple App Store still inclines to get the lion’s share of the best apps, from cutting-edge education offerings to the best audio tools. In fact, the App Store is full of software that promises to turn your iPad into a gym assistant, a portable photography suite, a dating companion, etc. Mobile applications have dramatically entered the lives of geeks and laymen. Obviously, with so many apps to choose from, choosing and downloading which apps can be perplexing.

Today, iPad app development company strives and thrives to create awe-inspiring iPad apps. Why is it so? The only reason is that the competition in iPhone and iPad application development is cutthroat.

Let’s go through some outstanding selected and greatest apps on iOS for mid-2016 to save you the trouble of fishing through the various categories of Apple’s digital marketplace, we’ve picked the very best apps i.e. 6 free iPad applications trending in 2016. Note- Since the users prefer free applications more, I have listed all the twelve iPad apps which are no-cost to download initially.


Boomerang is one of the most entertaining iPad apps which is trending currently. The application runs by taking a burst of 10 photos then automatically stitches these together into a 1-second video that rolls to and fro in sempiternity. The app is made by Instagram, so you can share it on Facebook and Instagram. For your own amusement, you can save the clip as a 4-second loop.

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Adobe Photoshop Fix

This free iOS app is the backbone of photographers, designers, and internet meme makers. Also, it’s one great starting point for beginners. You can export layers to Photoshop CC, so it’s an excellent ancillary tool and quickfire editor. You can also warp faces, “heal” pictures by removing unwanted people in the shot. All these features are free free free. Download Adobe Photoshop.

Paper by FiftyThree

One of the most useful iPad applications, Paper is a great note-taking app with a bunch of handy features included. The sassy design of the app makes everything from creating checklists to footnoting photos. Working with your fingers or stylus, both would do and both are good. Paper proved to be radical in iPad application development.


A very useful app for managing personal finances, Spendee aids you keep track of your incomes and outgoings. Features like automatic syncing between devices, yield this as a spectacular tool for controlling finances. The minimalist aesthetic keeps things accessible, while the option to create multiple wallets adds more flexibility to monitoring cash flow.

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories, one of the best Cookery app, bucks both trends, with a focused selection of tasty treats, within a photo-rich app that oozes class.

Recipes have a photo for each step, handy in-context technique videos. Additionally, you can watch the tutorials on how to beat an egg, create chocolate shavings, cut up a chicken, etc.


This fantastic app not only saves the articles you want to read for offline viewing but exhibits the content in an attractively minimalistic format, removing superfluous website content. You’ll be able to read articles when you’re ready to read them, and not just come across the articles co-incidentally.

There you go, that is one heaven of a roller coaster ride of iPad applications. Do you want to make any such revolutionary iPad or iPhone apps? reach us 360 Degree Technosoft.

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