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Top Six ipad Applications That You Will Be Addicted To In 2017

iOS / iPad / iPod March 8, 2017

iPad is fun, right? The user interface and the heavenly experience you get while scrolling down the menu, singing the song while holding the slim edge and eyes glittering across various angels of iPad. That is realistic. The specialty about the iPad is only known to those who has used it personally at least once. It cannot be theorized as the iPad lovers are always practically fascinated by the newest upgrades and features occurring every day.


Top Six iPad Applications

There are plenty of iPad applications that are quite addictive and you wouldn’t know if a whole day is passed. It’s true. iPad itself is addictive and so do its applications. iPad application development company’s sole purpose is to develop such smartphone apps that the users/audience can’t get out of it. Of course, that is difficult task for the iPad developers, but it leaves no option for them when the other android tablets showcases and cast the wonderful experience for the android lovers. The rivalries continues here too.


Here is the list of top iPad apps for which you can use your spare time. Let’s go through them one by one. Some will secure your iPad, some will sound musical while the rest will take you the wonderlands.


1Password: Under ‘Productivity’ Category.


This free iPad application keeps all of your log-in and credit card information safe and secure in one place. The app has its own encryption and so it stores the sensitive information privately held to the ipad, protecting the data to be leaked or hacked. Not only has this but the app also synchronized with your account across other devices, including your tablet and desktop.


We all admit that it’s a pain trying to keep track of all of your passwords. Install this app and all the problem is solved. Yeah.
AirWatch Agent: Under ‘Business’ Category.


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AirWatch Agent is a device tool for mobility management.


This iPad application is used with the AirWatch console to manage all devices in your company. For firms that are dependent on communication and collaborate between teams and employees, having a single app keeping track of everything can be very useful. With the increasing BYOD in business, the application assists to control and ameliorate the security simultaneously.


uMake: Under ‘Productivity’ Category.


uMake has already proved to be a big hit with users of Apple’s enterprise-focused tablet. The app is a combination of the accuracy of a graphics tablet and the clarity of a 3D visualizer. The incredible thing about this application is that using an Apple Pencil, users can sketch 2D planes in a 3D space, controlling the weight and color, to create anything from rapid sketches to complex, layered 3D objects.


AmpMe: Under ‘Music’ Category.


This free app lets you build a multi-speaker sound system using your iPad, iPhone or your friends’ devices. All you have to do is install the app, play your track of choice, and then, your acquaintances or friends can join in and play the song in synchronized – handy for parties, boosting volume while hanging out in the park, and miscellaneous. It’s a wise and smart solution to a niche problem. The good thing about this app is that it helps you link up devices to play songs in sync, perfect for parties.


TripIt: Under ‘Travel’ Category.


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We have covered the business and productivity but how can we forget the travel category? Let’s consider that you are a wanderlust and so, this application is specially designed for you. TripIt organizes the lion’s share of your travel plans, and involves minimal effort on your part. It creates a journey for you from wherever you are and whatever you are doing: forwarded hotel, airline, car rental and restaurant confirmation emails.

Along with the availability of the travel plans offline, it helps you with the maps, syncs with your Apple, Outlook.


Invoice2Go: Under ‘Utility’ Category.


This is the perfect tool for freelancer and businesses that have trouble keeping track of money owed, money paid, and money received. An app designed to create invoices, estimates, credit memos, and purchase orders straight from your device, as well as keeping track of money owed, taxes, and totals.


What better than this a freelancer can get to generate the bill and the necessary invoices? Well, not until the I2G was uploaded on the app store, they had been facing troubles.


Are you excited to install all these applications on your iPad? Hurry up. Are you a business interested to attract iPad users, reach us and we will be your reliable iPad app development agency for life.



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