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Tracking Android App Performance – Now Developers Have It Easy

Mobile Technology May 27, 2015

Tracking the performance of your apps was a lot more difficult than tracking the performance for web pages.

Android developers like using tools to track the performance of their apps. Tracking various aspects of apps helps improve upon the current app and offer a much better version. Whether it be to understand what drives in customer engagement or carrying out effective A/B testing, there is a lot that measuring app performance can help you with.

Tracking App Performance

Google search engine has introduced a new tool for all android developers now. One of them is Search Console, which was formerly known as Webmaster tools. It comes with new reporting features that give insight on how Google Search Engine views its in-app content.

Tracking Android App Performance

How does the Search Console work?

Google’s aim is to offer a comprehensive source of information to app developers, making it a new go-to place for search stats. The new Search Analytics report compares app content that is in the search and which gets most clicks. If they match, then your app is doing just fine. Here is how you can use the Search console effectively.

1. Adding app to the Search Console

Open Search Console and enter the name of your app. The app information will be available to only authorized owners and hence you will have to use only the Google Play account. To access, the current owner will have to authorize and verify it.

2. Connecting site to app

The website associated with the app an also be connected, necessary for app indexing. This will help understand the ranking of the content much better.

3. Tracking app content

The Search Analytics report offer detailed information such as top searches, top app pages, the source of traffic and many more. There are several filters that you can use to narrow down the specific query type, clicks, impressions, region and many more.

As an Android app developer, you must create app content that Google understands. If not, then your app pages will be indexed. The crawl error reports will show you the errors and what you need to do to better make your page indexable.

This involves using the right keywords or putting across the page more effectively. The alpha version of Fetch has been introduced to check if an app URL is working or not. This will be useful for comparing app content with website content to debug all kinds of errors such as content mismatch. Now app developers have much better chance of optimization and offer quality content.

According to Google, mobile searches have overtaken PC search in terms of volume in countries like USA, and other countries. Thus for an app developer, mobile search offers more potential content. These new Analytics enhancements give app developers a chance to adopt deeper linking and make the app content more indexable. They see, increasing mobile search benefit app developers to provide a much better app for smartphone users.

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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