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Trendy Revenue Models Used By App Developers To Make Money

Mobile App Marketing May 6, 2013

The growth of mobile app development has become one of the biggest sectors of cellular technology and large numbers of apps are available for mobile phone customers in almost every category: games, way of life, social media, education, and learning, company, etc.

In the apples’ App Store alone is more than 450,000 iPhone/iPad Apps and keeping track of, many are even 100 % free. Making appropriate and interesting mobile phone applications are a smart idea for designers and business owners who want to cash in on the Mobile App trends.

App Revenue Model

Mobile app developers of iPhone, iPad, and Android operating systems are asking what is the best company structure for earning cash from mobile applications? There are various ways to profit a cellular app and each has some benefits and drawbacks. It is the developer’s job to find out which design matches their App.

Make cash from initial buy and upgrades

The most apparent way to produce income from apps is to sell them. Mobile app stores provide pretty uncomplicated revenue-sharing programs, so it is simple to figure out how much income you can produce from downloading and improvements.

Ad-supported apps

Many mobile app developers are creating income through ads that run within the programs. Both Google and Apple are trying to allow app designers to integrate focused ads inside programs. With ad-supported material, the key is to create sure that the ads don’t take away from the consumer experience in the App.

In-app purchase

While In-app buys can be useful for any mobile app, they seem to be most precious as part of a “freemium” income technique. Under the freemium design, the mobile app is 100 % free for customers to obtain. Developers profit by selling additional material or functions via in-app buy. In-App buys are effective when the circulation for purchasing seems natural to the App. This design works well inefficiency, material, and game-playing, for obtaining innovative functions of the app. For example, after customers master the 100 % free game they buy more levels.


There is not actually any actual material downloadable with the App itself. Instead, the material is revealed to members, using a user-management part that rests on top of in-app buy. Many journals, papers, and other material suppliers are utilizing this technique in their apps. Most Publications for e.g. include one 100 % free issue, but the rest need to be bought either singly or via a registration.

Video Integrations

It´s a way to get income by earning cash when customers watch video clips. Companies like Sharethrough, RockYou, and VideoEgg help designers profit from movies.

Brand Takeovers

Here, the entire App is basically one big product strategy. For this way to be effective, the viewers for the application have to be segmented and have a well-defined market to be able to entice manufacturers and promoters, who can then offer focused labeled ad strategies.

Any app founder or app designer can be effective in earning cash using mobile apps. However, to help create the most of their growth initiatives they must ensure that they understand their app goals, plan for customer involvement, storage, and income creation.

Pratik Kanada

I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development and app marketing.

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