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Mobile Website Development

Initially, we thought that Mobile web development will be one of the other services that we will provide to our customers. However, the era of mobile web development has dawned and we couldn’t be left far behind. Consider this. More than 58% of U.S population own a smart phone already.

With HTML 5 gaining popularity, you need to have a mobile site that supports the latest technology. What’s more, Flash isn’t supported any longer by iOS and Android mobile devices, and you need HTML 5 to display videos effectively.

How Do We Help You?

We help increase your ROI and gain more customers. Tap in the market of over 1.2 billion people already using mobile to access the web. Our developers have the experience and efficiency of working across different mobile platforms. Here is how we can help you:

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    Help you understand the how’s and what’s of mobile web for a mobile platform.
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    Help make your website fit into small screens, faster browsers and better displays.
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    Quality and result driven work process that meet what’s required, time and again!
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    We meet tight deadlines that ensure your business strategy is never hampered.
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    Support for HTML5, Javascript, jQuery framework and more!

Mobile devices have different hardware features when compared to PCs. The type of development you require depends on the need, target audience, budget available and the ultimate purpose of the business.

Why Do You Need Mobile Web Development?

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    Mobile devices have different hardware features when compared with a desktop or laptop computers.
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    Screens of mobile devices are smaller and usually switch from portrait to landscape as one rotates its screen.
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    The website is built natively on the device which means that the unique features a mobile device might offer, is actually taken advantage off.

We also create browser based applications through mobile web development. These are websites that are built specifically for mobile use.

Why is Mobile Web Development Necessary?

Mobile website doesn’t require downloads.

A mobile website is accessible to users via a browser which is available across devices.

One Mobile Website across many mobile devices and Reach

A single mobile website is available to users on different devices.

Easy Up-gradation

Mobile Web Developers have made the experience of Web Development dynamic. The website up-gradation is flexible when it comes to data and content.

Let 360 Degree Technosoft Guide You

We know you might be confused when choosing between mobile web development and mobile app development. It is important that the final development meets the objectives of a business. A Mobile Web developer needs to master technology; be it Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows. That’s why we are there to help you decide what you need and give you a product that you will love. After all, Mobile Web Development is a 360 degree solution to your business!

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