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Apple Revamped the App Store: What You Need to Know About it?

iPhone App Development February 28, 2018

Apple always has some of the other intuitive things to shape the app market with. It always keeps the competitors on the toe to match its level. Today’s trending talks with the Apple town is revamped app store. Apple rolled out a new update to the App store which basically includes original editorial data and enhanced the user experience for discovering new apps. The updated version put emphasis on story sharing behind a plethora of mobile apps, video display and also highlight in-app purchase along with all other things. Here are some of the takeaways for the developer about this new app store.




1) Graphics Are Placed at Top Notch


SEO and keywords are given extreme importance when it comes to priorities. Well, yes, these specific keywords are essential for App store optimization process to make your app rank in the specific area. Coming to Apple, it has a vision for their app way beyond ranking and keywords when they think of overtaking the competition. The current trend is all about the visuals. Users are paying heed towards graphics more than ever before generating more click-through rates and making the ranks high.


2) Realistic Reviews


One of the drastic change made by Apple in the app store is the change in reviews and ratings. Both these things will be displayed in more volume. Users can openly share their real feedback. This will bring the iPhone app development company under pressure to deploy quality loaded and bug-free apps. If the app is not smooth functioning or acting faulty, the user can complain about it and this would be promptly resolved. Yes, users gain the superior power now. The revamped app store also has a new section for the newly published apps. This will assist the users to discover new apps. Even new apps will get attention in their intuitive stage.


3) Addition of Review Reply Feature


Each and every IOS developer has wished for this feature ever since the app store was launched. Finally, Apple has come up with this feature. Now, the developers would be able to respond to the app receives from the user’s side. This is an enormous add-on not just on the part of the developers but also on the part of the users who intend to communicate the app issues with the developers through reviews.


4) Nomenclature of the App Should Be Small and Catchy


Apple has placed a certain limit on the character count of the app names. Back in 2016, the character limit was 50 characters which are now thought to be 30 characters with IOS 11 update. There is an option for the additional subtitle for the app subtitle. Well, the naming experts will have to rub their brains a bit more to come up with a short, simple, sassy and yet descriptive name.


5) App Preview With a Small Video


One of the major updates in the IOS 11 update is an addition of 30-second view for the application preview. This video will be auto-played when the user will land on the product page of the iPhone app. The significance of the text in the iPhone app development remains intact but the video will receive high priority for the conversion.


6) Stories Section in the New App Store


The refurbished app store will be bifurcated into three major categories: App, Games and Today. The Games and the Apps sections will show the high ranked and selected picks. The Today section of the newly furnished app store will show the interviews, tips, and stories. Now, the developers get an opportunity to feature their app along with an impressive story.





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