Artificial Intelligence App Development for Intelligent Businesses

AI development services offer enhanced customer experience by integrating AI into the products and services your business offers. Our Artificial intelligence developers are well versed in developing BI solutions, computer vision apps, voice assistants, chatbots, and NLP-based apps.

Our expert steam creates world-class solutions for startups, enterprises, and agencies working in different categories like health, eCommerce, and several others. We have immense experience in creating apps with deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing.

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Artificial Intelligence Development Services We Offer

Here is a list of AI services we offer to our esteemed clients. Let us know which is the one you are looking for to integrate into your project.

Machine Learning

Our veteran developers use ML to create AI solutions that collect unstructured data and turn it into useful insights that can drive business growth.

Business Intelligence

Our AI development company has come up with software that creates strategies that do customer analysis, performance analysis, forecasting, and optimization.

Chatbot Development

We intend to create chatbots that can interact like humans and make your product or service interactive for improved customer engagement.

Voice Assistant

Our experienced team of developers develops voice assistants using voice recognition and NLP for brand awareness and improved productivity through voice search.

Natural Language Processing

With help from NLP & NLU, our team can come up with an effective solution to get constant customer feedback to boost business revenue.

Computer Vision

We create solutions for object recognition and image classification by making use of deep learning-based visual search and Amazon recognition.

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Why Choose 360 Degree Technosoft for AI Development?

  • One of the reasons you should hire us is because we have skilled developers expert in their field. We ensure all the features you described are integrated properly into your app.
  • Our AI software development company is always available for client communication, sharing project updates, taking feedback, and solving client queries.
  • 360 Degree Technosoft has an impressive portfolio of having developed 600+ apps and 100+ websites for startups, big brands, and enterprises.
  • Our mobile app development company in USA has an impressive experience of 10+ years in different industries like healthcare, food delivery, education, and many more.
  • We assess the project requirements and define a timeline. Our developers make sure to deliver the project within the decided timeline.
  • Our app development agency makes sure to not just provide a great solution but also to provide post-launch support for its maintenance.

Technology stack

DI Frameworks

Tensorflow | MXNet | Caffe2 | Chainer | Theano | Nvidia Caffe | PyTorch


CoreML | Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit | Kurento’s Computer Vision Module


Sonnet | Tesnor2Tensor | Tf-slim | Tensorflow Probability


Metric Learning | Few Shot Learning | Supervised/Unsupervised Learning | Clustering

Neural Networks

CNN | RNN | Manifold Learning | Representation Learning | Bayesian Networks | Variational Autoencoders | Autoregressive Networks


Azure | Azure Cognitive Services | Azure Bot Service & Bot Framework | Amazon Machine Learning | Amazon Recognition | Language Understanding Intelligent Service | Amazon Lex | Amazon Polly | Azure Machine Learning | Cloud Machine Learning Engine | Cloud Vision API | Cloud Natural Language | Cloud Speech API | Dialog Flow


Attempted Answers

We’ve got few answers for your concerns and if you still have more questions, do not hesitate. We will be of help, yeah!

There is no definite time described for developing AI software. It depends on the size and nature of the project. It also depends on the Artificial Intelligence development company you hire and the complexity of the project.

The cost depends on the requirements of the project. If the complexity is high, development time is high, and has multiple features, the cost will be high. If it is not so, the cost will be low. It also depends on the.

You can hire our dedicated AI developers or you can hire our company with our fixed cost model or you can hire us on an hourly rate basis.

Yes, you have the complete right to the source code once the entire development is completed.

Check the experience of the company, check their portfolio, check their number of developed apps, types of features they have integrated, and client reviews. A company that has a good track on all these factors is the one you should hire.

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