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Outsourcing Models

360 Degree Technosoft is headquartered at the economic capital of Gujarat, India and making apps for worldwide idea innovators. Apps we build are appraised for intuitive navigation and extensive utility by its owners and users. Our day rises with a sole question every day that motivates us to do what we do - “Why a user will take time to download an app that is sure of occupying space on their phone device?” and we know the answer! We’re a community of versatile talent and passions; we’re designers, developers, programmers, engineers, writers, SEOs, quality analysts, dreamers, singers, comedians, travellers, sports enthusiasts, painters, geeks and personnel of bull’s work.

You’re closer to your dreams, Get 360 Degree benefits

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on time delivery

On-time delivery of project
and product

Round-the-clock technical support

technical support

Assurance of project confidentiality

Assurance of project

Experienced team

Experienced team with
professional approach

quality of work

Uncompromising quality of work

budget structures

Affordable budget structures

Leading Software Development

Partnerships on Prime Focus

360 Degree is amongst the leading outsourcing companies in India delivering software solutions to business-interested and initiative-interested people worldwide. Our partnership models are attractive and accomplishing for every service we provide. We have decoded some of the great technical complications of the apps to make them more and more productive for the app owners and users, thus increasing our reach.

Honeybee Networking

Software Companies

We work with software companies all over the world. For the outsourcing process, we have created a dedicated team of designers and developers who specifically work for our international clients. With a robust professional approach, we partner with software companies to impart a competitive advantage and profit. Let’s join ideas!

Our Cup of Tea

Independent Consultants

Independent business consultant or domain expert, partner with us to experience the fast-track growth of your business. Be it a small project from a small firm, an individual consultant or an MNC, we treat every client with the same values. Let’s join hands!

Our Cup of Tea

Reseller Partnership

If you are interested in selling our services under your brand name, we offer a reseller partnership with the transparent system of teaming up. Our white label solutions to our reseller partners are of great benefit. Contact us to get detailed information about our reseller partnership program. Let’s join objectives!

Get an Uncompromised Quality of Web and Mobile Products

Outsourcing Models for Web and App Development

It is absolutely ok to imagine a world with you being everywhere. It is ok to imagine you helping people search destinations, make an eastern know everything about the western, deliver food to epicures, pamper the inner and external beauty, watch arts weaved in films and photos, play games or broadcast business and do more. With technologies being on the edge every day it has become possible to push the possibilities, you just have to take a step ahead to be closer to your dream.

A single-sum contract where we fasten our resources with client’s project for stipulated work-frame based on the prior discussion.In this model package, the phase distribution of work, time for project deliverance and target achievement is fixed.

  • Best for projects with clear requirements and determined deadlines
  • Robust development idea focused stringently by us
  • Suitable for small and dedicated projects and MVPs
  • An experienced team of professionals working on your project

We provide proficient and experienced developers who are especially dedicated to working as per the requirement of the client’s project. The model is best suited for clients who have multiple projects running in the similar domain.

  • Professionals working from commencement to completion of the project

  • Hassle-free communication between client and developers

  • Price distribution according to monthly, daily and hourly basis

  • Perfect model to start a multilevel project

The model is best suited for the clients with a diversified and flexible demand of skilled professionals for their project. Time and material model is perfect for long-term projects with dynamic requirements.

  • Flexibility in time and resource usability

  • Addition or removal of manpower is allowed with a flexible payment module

  • Charges according to the utility of time and materials

If the requirements of the clients keep changing with time, this model is the best suited for the customized development of their project work. Service providers hire a special team for this work to guarantee a smooth development process. Experienced professionals are hired to give outright quality solutions for the project. We have worked on several such projects, avail our experience!

  • Great pool of talented software developers

  • Business can focus more on the core values

  • Shared responsibility yet no need for team management

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