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Ionic App Development One framework, Multiple Platforms

Ionic Mobile App Development is a win-win situation for businesses today. It is a hybrid app development framework for creating highly interactive apps and cross-platform mobile applications with an advantage of look and feel of native apps. Ionic allows modifications to befit a brand with its native functionalities, extensive promptness and customizable tools to enhance the experience of users. Compelling apps can be built with the Ionic framework for interesting UI interactions, slick animations and appealing design.

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Ionic App Development
Raise the Bar of Business Productivity

Ionic Application
Development Services

With unique particularities and innovative features, Ionic Mobile App Development services services from 360 Degree bring an extent of tactfulness and a vast range of attainable solutions. Ionic fetches more value to mobile app development by its ability to offload intensive tasks for native plug-ins. It comes with a potential to release one app for both iOS and Android using similar resources as native for a single operating system. Ionic Mobile App Development services allow customization of a mobile app for multiple platforms.

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MVP is finding the minimum features to launch the app in the market. This is basically for the startups who want faster app development in lesser time and budget.

We run this test to check the compatibility of an app with different devices and resolve the bug and crash issues from an earlier stage.

Our services for Ionic UI Development make the ionic app design look visually good and function impeccably without any defects.

We will help you migrate your app from one environment to a targeted environment by bridging the gaps efficiently. For example, converting an iOS or Android app to Ionic and vice versa.

Ionic app customization is a tailored solution to make changes in the already existing app or build a new app as per the client requirement.

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360 Degree
Ionic App Development

Get your cross-platform app that imparts a delightful native experience on your mobile phones.

  • Cost-efficient business model
  • Faster and clear development
  • Abundant experience in app development
  • Result-driven tech assistance
  • Feature-rich mobile apps
  • Time-saving project approach
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Amplify your business

Enjoy the perks of Ionic
App Development

An Individual, Agency, Enterprise or a Startup, Mobile and Web Apps definitely change the way you do your business.

  • Make internal communication easy
  • Help socialize with family and friends
  • Thrill gamers, shoppers, travellers, learners, food and fitness freaks
  • Store and secure Data
  • Connect directly to clients or consumers
  • Entertain actual kids and older kids
  • Enable society to change positively
  • Navigate route or forecast weather

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Escalating Experiences

Benefits of Ionic App Development

Ionic framework comes with the set of default UI elements that allow the addition of a personal touch to the app. Ionic apps are efficiently maintainable for the makers and owners, and greatly scalable for the end users.

Ionic App Development Benefits

Incredible User Interface

Ionic provides higher customization options for menus, buttons, color schemes and more. High standard UI elements, vibrant colors, depth and motion of material design, and multiple language support gives a personalized experience to users with beauty esthetics.

Ionic App Development Benefits

Quick and Rich Development

Development of Ionic is compatible with AngularJS, a leading and popular Javascript framework whose software development principles are very robust yet simple and hence it helps in the fast development of an app. On top, it has powerful capabilities of HTML, CSS and JS CSS components for developers to help in more.

Ionic App Development Benefits

Curtailed Costs, No Budget Issues

A single cross-platform mobile application developed in the Ionic framework can be deployed across iOS, Android and Windows devices; it reduces the costs of building the app separately for other devices while curtailing the additional costs. It is best for startups to fit the Ionic Mobile App Development in their budget

Ionic App Development Benefits

One Framework for Multiple OS

The main benefit of Ionic App Development is that it is a one-time building process and is absolutely unnecessary to develop multiple times for separate devices. As its native function efficiency within the app can run on multiple devices and operating systems.

Research Hive
  • App for Travellers
  • Destination Planning
  • Customized Filter Options

An app where people can browse the properties and swap their home affordably with their like-minded, instead of a hotel booking. See how we managed it.

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  • Dessert Ordering App
  • Android App
  • Creative Solution

An app specially created for ordering desserts from multiple restaurants. Know the robust process of launching a new app without changing the old feel.

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  • Medical Research App
  • Medical App Development
  • Data Encryption
Research Hive

A presold app during its developmental phase itself helps to recruit high-quality patients for clinical trial research. Discover how we secured the confidential data with a steadfast security.

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  • Education and ELearning App
  • iPhone and Android App
  • Mobile UI

An app for CPT students to learn with fun by watching subject-wise and chapter-wise videos of entire CPT syllabus. Students can also play a challenge game with a real-time bot. Have a look to believe.

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  • Treasure Hunt Gaming App
  • Swish Payment Integration
  • Mobile UI

It is a treasure hunt game which also serves a cause supported by an NGO. Generating a dynamic code every time to reach the next question was challenging, see how we overcame the challenge.

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Leica Geosystems
Leica Geosystems
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Yes, Ionic is compatible with multiple mobile app platforms eradicating the need for developing different apps for Android and iOS.

Standard technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 are used for Ionic app development.

This framework uses JavaScript and web technologies which means the same codebase can run on both Android and iOS. When the less development cost and quick idea prototyping is needed, Ionic should be preferred.

When the app needs high graphics, animations, scrolling, and network operations native is better than Ionic. When high-performance apps like gaming apps are to be developed, native should be chosen over Ionic.

Yes, it is open source and also free app development SDK for cross-platform apps. This means you can initiate the development of hybrid apps using Ionic.

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