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Our FAQ Page Get Answers to Your Questions About Our Services, Process, and Expertise.

Transparency is our priority. We believe in bonding that brightens all three worlds – you, users and us. Our lucrative business models, organized working style and optimistic approach will make you feel comfortable and confident all the time.

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We have more than 40 trained and highly skilled developers and programmers who have successfully created more than 500 websites and apps.

We have made hundreds of websites and applications with satisfied customers all over the world. We have different teams of highly skilled professionals who make sure that our work is nothing but impeccable.

No, it belongs to the client.

The first stage will be of understanding the requirements from client. Then we get them analyzed and inform you of the estimation. Once you are all right with the cost/time the next step would be creating a project report document and a proposal. Our business analyst will prepare this and then we send you the same for review. Once everything has been finalized we can take the project to the next stage, which is the development stage.

Yes, we provide service support contract system.

As such, we charge on an hourly basis but sometimes we consider on per project basis.

You can communicate through Mail, Skype, Hangout or call.

Project manager,Business analyst,Account manager,CEO

The intellectual rights will entirely owned by the client himself.

Basecamp is used by us for project management.

Native application development is done specially for a particular platform or device. Because a native app is developed for use on a particular device and its OS, it has the ability to use device-specific hardware and software. In Cross-platform development where coding is done once, and the app can be deployed on iOS, Android, and Windows phone.

Yes, we develop websites as well.

ROI can be tracked with certain tools where the reports on number of downloads, country of download, and the data of user performance can be measured.

Yes, we upload the app on behalf of the client.

There is separate package for marketing, the client have the option to buy it or not.

With new OS releases, you should first test the app in new OS and list out the points not working. Once done, you should approach the development company who developed it and they can come up with quick solution. Apple/ Google do spread solutions for method/ function they are deprecating.

A non-disclosure agreement will be drafted by the parties, 360 Degree Technosoft and you. This protects both the parties. All the coding will be sent over to you along with its original source code and everything regarding the app will belong to you.

All you need to do is get in touch with our team, we will be happy to answer all your questions; all you need to do is let us know what you are looking for and we will make that occur.

A project leader will be assigned to you; who will keep you updated about the development, save all the communication and passes your requirements and approvals to the team.

Yes, you can. But that will cost you extra. We recommend you to identify your requirements and project it properly before the app development project commences to save both time and money.

Absolutely, we do it cost-free but you will have to pay the minimum Apple AppStore Yearly Charges which are mandatory.

Most of the time there is none. Because we follow all the guidelines, standard functionality defined by Apple and test your app highly professionally, leaving no gateway for rejection.

Yes, we do have our in-house design and content team.

Coding will be completely owned by you, we will deliver you the code package once the project is finished and 100% payment is received.

Yes, we will provide you the scope of the project.

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