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A decentralized app is basically a peer-to-peer network of computers instead of a centralized server. Dapp development is made on the blockchain which makes it private and secure. The control of these apps lies on the consensus instead of a single entity and hence there are no chances of fraud. They are open-source and used to interact with smart contracts. These apps can be built on various blockchain platforms like Hyperledger, Ethereum, EOS, Polkadot.

Our blockchain Dapp development company helps you with choosing the right platform and reliable storage.

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Dapp Development Services We Deliver

MVP Consulting

Our Dapp development company knows about the latest trends and helps you decide whether your idea can be practically implemented or not. We help our clients know the technical components and suggest a proper blockchain platform based on the client’s needs.

User Interface

Our Dapp developers follow a well-structured process for designing the UI. We start from the idea to wireframe moving on to low fidelity design and then to high fidelity design. The user gets to see an interactive prototype before moving on to the development stage.

Decentralized Storage

Users are available with a plethora of cloud storage platforms that seamlessly supports the transaction. We not only help to create the app but also assist our clients to pick the right storage platform which is secure and efficient.

Smart Contracts

One of our major services includes developing smart contracts on multiple platforms like Tron, Ethereum, neo, and others. Our Ethereum and Tron smart contract developers choose the platform based on the business needs of the client.

Dapp Porting

Our decentralized app development company creates a reusable codebase that runs on multiple platforms. We can help you move your current application running on any platform to the platform of your choice with our Dapp porting services.

Cloud Services

Our Dapp developers create the app as microservices that are externalized by API. This will help you focus on the core business functionality. We make sure to deliver cloud storage for every microservice your business needs.

Dapp Upgrade

Every app must be updated from time to time to keep it trendy, engage users, and retain them. Our developers provide complete migration and upgrade services whenever needed. We create smart contracts and also upgrade the microservices.

Decentralized Exchange

We can develop a customized exchange platform just how our clients want it to be. The exchange platform can connect external exchange through distributed shared order books and APIs. We build a highly scalable decentralized exchange platform.

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Types of Dapps Development

There are primarily three categories of decentralized applications.

Type 1

Decentralized apps have their own blockchain. Take blockchain, for example, it is also a type of Decentralized app. Other cryptocurrencies that have their own blockchain also fall under the Type 1 category.

Type 2

These Decentralized apps usually use Type 1 blockchain. They work as protocols with a token that keeps them working. They work as a top layer of the blockchain that offers some functionalities and features.

Type 3

Type 3 Dapps make use of type 2 as protocol and have tokens that are needed for them to work flawlessly. It is a decentralized data storage and communication network which replaces data centre and servers with extra computing resources for users.

Dapps Development Process We Follow


Business Consulting

The very first step of Decentralized apps development is analyzing the business use case of the app. We understand the purpose of the app, the target audience of the app, and the problem it will solve. Before starting the project, we understand the client’s expectations to meet them on the same page. Once our Dapp developer understands the app, we conduct a technical analysis on which blockchain is better suited, and what platform to pick, and a basic timeline to get it done with.


Design the Wireframe

The second step of creating Dapps involves designing the basic architecture of the app. The basic goal of designing the architecture is to create a proof of concept and show how all the pieces fit together.


Final Design

Once the basic architecture is finalized, the design moves to the next level. Low and high-fidelity designs are created which include elements like content, interactivity, and visual design. In this stage, how the design will look and work will be finalized which works as a clickable prototype.


Smart Contract/Wallet Development

The next step is creating the smart contract and wallet to allow an exchange of tokens within the Decentralized application. This will help in connecting the application to the blockchain and integrate the functionality of the app.


Backend/Frontend Development

This stage of the development process includes developing the front-end and backend of the app. Dapp developers can choose any programming language which can make API calls to the backend.


Test Net Launch

The app is audited after the completion of development. Any potential errors and issues are resolved at this stage. After the error is solved, the app is deployed in the test net. This gives the clients and developers a chance to test it and make sure it works as planned.


Main Net Launch

If the test net launch is successful, a Decentralized application will be launched in the main net and available to the users to make full use of.

Benefits of Building A Dapp


Decentralized applications are run by smart contracts which are self-executing and written in code that delivers automation. This will cut the transaction cost and deliver smooth peer-to-peer transactions. This also helps to reduce the cost related to auditors, employees, and legal advisors.


One of the highlighting benefits of dApp development is that it is open-source which makes it open for review. This makes the development process flexible, fast, and highly secure as more input can be provided.


Dapps functions on an incentivized mechanism in the form of a token or digital asset. These tokens can be used to incentivize as bug bounties for blockchain. This benefits users and developers equally and increases engagement in the application.


With the use of blockchain, the need for the user to create accounts is eliminated. Dapp recognizes every user by using blockchain-validated cryptography allowing better security, ease of use, and privacy.


All the data is stored securely on a public ledger that records everything transparent, which ensures there is no chance of manipulation. The transparency eliminates the need for middlemen when it is about connecting with customers.

Zero Downtime

Ethereum Dapps development cannot be turned off or be non-functional. Hence, there is no downtime in this app.


Decentralized apps run by the consensus of all the users which ensures no one can act dominant. This also includes the consent of a cryptographic algorithm which is used to show proof of value. Consensus is also needed when any changes are made to the coding of the app.

Fault Tolerance

Ethereum Dapps development is not based on a client-server network. Here a single code doesn’t control all the records or transactions. Malfunction of a single thing is not able to crash the entire app.

Technology stack

Programming Language

JavaScript | TypeScript | Go | Node.JS | Solidity


React Native | Ionic | Angular

Blockchain Platforms

Ethereum | Hyperledger | Celo | Polkadot | EOS | Corda | Tezos | Tron | Hashgraph | Stellar


Attempted Answers

We’ve got few answers for your concerns and if you still have more questions, do not hesitate. We will be of help, yeah!

Yes, we do have a dedicated team of blockchain developers who can work dedicatedly on your project. You can also hire us on an hourly basis or on a fixed cost basis as well.

Languages that are used more prominently for Blockchain development are Python, C#, C++, JavaScript, and solidity. Of course, there are several other languages that can be used but developers prefer the above-mentioned more.

The cost of blockchain depends on the number of features, the complexity of the app, the blockchain development company you hire, and other factors.

Every blockchain app needs a different time for development based on the tasks it is designed to achieve. If the app you are about to develop has a few modules, it can be ready in a few weeks. On the contrary, if the app has a bundle of modules, it will take more development time.

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