DevOps Consulting Services For
Continuous Delivery

DevOps is a modern development approach to cope with the growing needs of big businesses. Our DevOps consultant will enable you to align your development and operations for faster software release and improve its reliability. The key principle followed by our DevOps specialist is constant delivery and bug-free software. Our DevOps company has helped various startups and big enterprises to streamline their process and deliver a user-friendly and engaging app.

Hire our DevOps professionals for continuous integration and continuous deployment. Automate your entire process for faster delivery with our DevOps services provider company.

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DevOps Services We Offer

Take a look at the bunch of DevOps services provided by our DevOps professionals.

DevOps Consulting Services

Our DevOps consulting services assess your business needs, help to automate the operations, reduce time to market, and help you deliver a flawless product in the market.

DevOps Managed Services

These services will enable us to take maximum benefit of the AWS and Azure resource faster. Now, there is no worry about setting up, installing, and operating infrastructure by yourself.

DevOps Assessment

We create an assessment report outlining the action points for automating the process. We create DevOps practice, audit existing infrastructure, check the development pipeline, note repetitive tasks, and choose right tools.

DevOps Automation

One of the main services is automating repetitive tasks, automating software delivery, and automating testing practices. DevOps enable easy to start and speedy finish.

Dedicated DevOps Engineer

Hire our DevOps engineer having the industry knowledge and skill, change management, and large-scale app delivery for custom software.

DevOps As A Cloud Platform

DevOps can be used as a cloud platform to manage production or for testing workloads. DevOps as a cloud platform will make the process simple, secure, speedy, and on-demand.

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Benefits of DevOps Services

Plenty of businesses have recognized the need of delivering a flawless product that too in an agile manner to take benefit of their lucrative industry. DevOps can help the business achieve its goal.

Automating the delivery process

Streamlining development process

Faster delivery of the software

Reduced complexity in system management

Automating the repetitive operational task

Continuous testing

Technology stack


Firebase | Mongo DB | MySQL | Postgre SQL

Cloud Technology

Amazon Web Service | Google Cloud | Microsoft Azure | Openstack | Rackspace | Pivotal Cloud Foundry


React | Angular | Node JS | Vue.JS | Meteor

Web & Mobile

Codeigniter | Flutter | Ionic | Laravel | iOS | React Native | Swift


Cucumber | TestRail | ReSharper | Apache Jmeter | QA Symphony | Rspec | Sauce Labs | SonarQube | Selenium IDE


Jenkins | Docker | GitHub | Maven | New Relic | Kubernetes | Terraform | Amazon Cloud Watch | Ansible | AWS CodeDeploy | Bamboo | Bitbucket


Attempted Answers

We’ve got few answers for your concerns and if you still have more questions, do not hesitate. We will be of help, yeah!

360 Degree Technosoft has experience of 10+ years in developing and delivering custom solutions. We focus on providing maximum client satisfaction.

360 degree Technosoft has experience of 10+ years and we also have an experienced team you can hire entirely or select specific ones as per your needs.

Of course, you can hire the developers yourself. You can hire when you are fully satisfied with the team

Businesses hire DevOps services for code developing, unit testing, code developing, and packaging, deployment with infrastructure, configuration, provisioning, and deployment.

Continuous delivery means sending the software immediately for testing as soon as it is created.

Automation testing is the process of automating the manual process to test the app under development.

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