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Blockchain is basically a unique record based on the distributed ledger system. It stores data, checks the integrity, and assures the transaction continues in the blockchain database that is stable. If you are looking to develop a blockchain solution, 360 Degree Technosoft can be of your help. We have expertise in developing software solutions on ethereum, smart contract, hyperledger, NFT, and many more. Blockchain technology is used to enhance data security, lessen the data storage cost, complete process automation, remove data duplication, and save time.

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Blockchain Development Services

POC Development

POC stands for Proof of concept. POC is elaborate and it shows the technical viability of the product and the potential for that product in the market. Our POC development service includes projects for medical records management, legal documents, identity management, insurance policies, and many more.

Smart Contract Development

Our team builds highly secure and reliable crypto wallets which are compatible with multiple cryptocurrencies. Our blockchain developers come up with solutions for finance, supply chain, real estate, gaming market, and many more.

Blockchain Development

Our blockchain developers create customized solutions that solve issues like data integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity. Build a private blockchain app for any industry and save on operational costs and infrastructure.

Hyperledger Development

With our services, you can unlock the potential of open-source blockchains for collaborative development using a distributed ledger. Some of the main features of hyperledger development include security, transparency, collaboration, scalability, and longevity.

Crypto Wallet Development

Our blockchain development company creates a secure wallet that not only makes storing cryptocurrency easy but also makes trading with them easy. You can trade in multiple currencies and have a seamless transaction with a crypto wallet.

Blockchain DApps

Our expert team helps our clients to store all their transactions without any kind of outsider interference and share it through a decentralized blockchain application. Develop your DApp now.

Supply Chain Development

We provide supply chain development for smooth cryptocurrency transactions, payment processing, digital wallets, crowdsales, and auctions. It makes traceability and transparency better, decreases administrative costs with the right supply cain solutions.

Ethereum Token

You can easily create your non-fungible token by using ethereum standards like ERC223, ERC-1155, ERC 721, and ERC20. You can create your own token based on these standards as per custom requirements.

Decentralized Exchange

Our blockchain developers allow the traders to trade easily in the market without having to involve any third party on a very secure decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

TRON Development

We provide our clients with a scalable, robust, and decentralized solution on the TRON network by using a custom smart contract.

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Types of Blockchain Development

Public Blockchain

Public blockchain has no access restrictions. It works on consensus protocol and has open participants and validators.

Private Blockchain

A private blockchain is permissioned and gets access based on invitations. Its access is restricted to participants and validators.

Consortium Blockchain

A consortium blockchain is semi-decentralized and permissioned. It has a limited node that executes consensus protocol.

How Does Blockchain Work?

Blockchain actually works on the basic principle which allows a group of connected computers to create and maintain a secure ledger. Here is a small step-wise process on how blockchain actually works.

  • Starting the
  • Encrypting the identities
  • Creating
  • Noding
  • Post

How Does Blockchain Work?

Blockchain actually works on the basic principle which allows a group of connected computers to create and maintain a secure ledger. Here is a small step-wise process on how blockchain actually works.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Industries That Use Blockchain Technology

There are several industries that have adapted blockchain technology to stay abreast in the market. Using trending technologies also gives a competitive edge.

Real Estate
Online shopping
Banking & Finance
Automobile & Transportation

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Attempted Answers

We’ve got few answers for your concerns and if you still have more questions, do not hesitate. We will be of help, yeah!

Yes, we do have a dedicated team of blockchain developers who can work dedicatedly on your project. You can also hire us on an hourly basis or on a fixed cost basis as well.

Languages that are used more prominently for Blockchain development are Python, C#, C++, JavaScript, and solidity. Of course, there are several other languages that can be used but developers prefer the above-mentioned more.

The cost of blockchain depends on the number of features, the complexity of the app, the blockchain development company you hire, and other factors.

Every blockchain app needs a different time for development based on the tasks it is designed to achieve. If the app you are about to develop has a few modules, it can be ready in a few weeks. On the contrary, if the app has a bundle of modules, it will take more development time.

360 Degree Technosoft has ample experience, a team of expert developers, and multiple hiring models for client’s comfort.

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