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Magento eCommerce App Development

Magento App Development

The craze of online shopping has increased than ever before. You won’t believe but the number of digital buyers globally is 1.79 billion and is tend to reach 2.14 billion by the year 2021. The way people used to shop is modified with the changing times. There was a time when people use of wait for occasions to shop, now the discounts and big billion days decides the time to shop.

Now with mobile apps, shopping is turned quite remote, the user can shop at any time and from any place. They can shop while traveling in a metro, shop while taking a break during the work hours, shop while lying on the bed at night, or while having dinner with the family. This has created the urge of developing more and more eCommerce apps. The best solution to create such apps is Magento.

Well, Magento eCommerce Solution is not just restricted to shopping apps, there are varied other categories of the app where Magento can be used, let’s explore them.

Benefits of Using Magento CMS Development:

If you are faffing around as to why the craze of Magento is growing and more
and more people are hiring Magento Development Company when
there are other solutions available. Here is the answer to your confusion.

Startup Birds

No Location Limitation

eCommerce websites and apps have two major things to take care of which is language and currency as it targets the global audience. Magento is such an advanced platform which has almost blurred the global boundaries and made shopping possible from any corner of the world.

SEO Friendly

Magento is one such platform which is SEO equipped. Magento is built to handle the page traffic, keep an eye on the duplicate content, indexing, manage the landing page, and other SEO related things.

Developer Friendly

Magento is a developer friendly platform and adding pages, updating content, linking pages, changing the navigation is quite easy and quick.

Multiple Store Management

Before Magento, it was really complicated to handle multiple stores from one administrative panel. Things were really clumsy and messed up. With Magento eCommerce Development every store can be set up differently and managed separately with their unique product catalog. It is benefits like this that made Magento popular and eCommerce stress-free.

Features and Functionality

Magento is a combo of fascinating features clubbed in one solution. It offers advanced search, layered navigation, favorites, product comparisons, wishlist, multistore feature, email listing, grouped products, content management system for static pages along with SEO optimization. For an eCommerce website and app, the success highly depends on the features and user experience and Magento is meant to deliver that.

Open Source

Being open source, Customise Magento CMS is going to evolve. Every new addition or update is bound to make the platform even better and hence the development of websites and apps a lot easier.

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What’s So Special About Our Magento
Development Company?

We design the website or app in a way that it can help improve the traffic, conversion rate, reduce cart left-outs, and improve the user experience. We develop it in a way that entails the user with faster loading times. When the user gets such experience, they are bound to get attached and refer it to others as well.

Our Magento eCommerce Developers develop the solution with utmost care. The experts will make sure the design is user-friendly, navigation is simple and operates flawlessly in multiple devices.

Whatever platform your app or website is currently working on can be migrated to Magento by our expert developers. Magento as a platform is flexible. Once you migrate it entirely with perfection, gradually you will learn about the benefits it will bring along. Our company is well versed with migration as well as customization.

Our development is meant to handle the worst case scenario like coping with the sudden fall in traffic. Our solutions will make sure to keep the performance of the site stable despite the traffic issues or any other fluctuations. We have an immense amount of experience in web server aiding you to achieve what you are looking for.

Still having any doubts? We are just an approach away, fill the form or call us or Skype us or mail us. We will be right at your service.

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