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Big Announcements Of WWDC 2019 : Apple’s Annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2019

IT Technology, Mobile Technology June 5, 2019
MBig Announcements Of WWDC 2019 : Apple’s Annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every year this day brings some amazing news and developers and users both go crazy after that. Of course, it lived to its expectations with a legendary app bidding farewell to its reign and a new computer coming to life. Well, people definitely wished iTunes to be the one coming to an end but, that doesn’t happen exactly. Without sparing a single moment, let’s know what exactly happened at WWDC 2019.[/vc_column_text][blog_single_full_content]1) iTunes Replacement

Apple is finally putting an end to its most popular music, movie, TV shows, podcast, and iOS device management app by launching three individual apps for Music, TV, and podcast. These three apps manage their three media types whereas the iOS device gets a special space in the Finder app.

2) AirPods

Of course, there are no new AirPods announced just some new features, good features to be precise and all thanks to the iOS 13. Siri can act like your speaker, it read you your messages when you get them. Not only that, but it also allows you to respond immediately. You can also bump your iPhone and share songs with your friends.

3) WatchOS

Well, these miniatures are not ignored by Apple. Well, this device is an individual stand-alone device with the launch of the Watch App Store. The need for tethering your watch to your iPhone is totally eliminated as the users can now browse and download the apps directly from your Apple watch. Audio streaming from the watch will also be possible.

4) tvOS

There are certain small updates and one big one. Apple is revamping the look of the TV app which makes watching the show really quick right after you open the app. One of the features is adding support for multiple users. This means that all the members of the family can get their personal recommendations. Also, Apple is adding support for Xbox One and PS4 dual shock controls for the gaming.

5) iPadOS

Apple also launched an individual OS for iPad. It is built on iOS but, it still allows more options to the developers of the iPad apps. It basically functions as a laptop instead of using a huge iPhone. This basically means more multitasking options with multiple windows in a single app along with the new Split View options.

6) macOS Catalina

The new OS for Apple Mac is basically an OS without iTunes. The follower of macOS Mojave is macOS Catalina and it is quite nice. One of the intuitive features of this OS SideCar allows you to utilize an iPad as a secondary display or the drawing tablet. Find My feature allows to combine features of various apps into a new app and enables to locate a device that has been powered down by making use of a secure Bluetooth beacon. You might also see the screen time app in macOS Catalina soon.

7) iOS 13

One of the most talked features of iOS 13 is dark mode. It makes everything dark. Many of the apps are also getting updates like Mail, Safari, and Notes. Maps are going to look much advance with the detailed images and look around feature which can be considered as Apple’s version of street view. It will also give more control over the third-party apps using your data.

8) Mac Pro

This was the most highlighting announcement of the WWDC 2019. Apple is launching a new hardware Mac Pro and it is an attention-grabbing device. Apple reveals that it is the most powerful Mac with 8th gen Intel xeon processor, up to 1.5 TB RAM, up to 28 cores, a bonkers 1, and 1400 Watt power supply. The basic model will cost around $6000 and let’s the highest version price is still unknown.

9) HomeKit

Well, smart home is not basically the forte of Apple. But, it is getting some upgrade which might pave its way to success. Security and privacy are at the core of the upgrade having the HomeKit working with multiple device partner. Apple is willing to launch a HomeKit secure video offering the users encrypted videos and storage in the coming months.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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