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Changing Trends In Application Development of iOS

iOS / iPad / iPod January 9, 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]The trends come and go, the evolution in the technology is indeed and that is why the change is inevitable. Now that, iOS application is on the highway to defend and probably compete Android app development, here are few important factors to consider about it invariably.

1.Swift Coding

Quick broke on the coding scene last year with a radical new arrangement of coding strategies and foundations that were more comprehensive. This programming dialect endures to be highly talked off among application engineers and is both an application and systems language. Based on the cutting-edge compiler framework, it permits developers to compose dependable codes utilizing Xcode devices.

It is at present utilized for creating applications for applications on iOS, WatchOS, and tvOS. This pattern will proceed through 2016, truth is, it may be headed to end up distinctly the essential apparatus for creating Apple applications, trading Objective C for good. Besides, 2 has been discharged with more engineer companion highlights that are quick picking up footing among the developers around the world.

Changing Trends In Application Development of iOS

2. iWatch

Apple Watch 2 is introduced this year and is relied upon to be the top brand in the wearable gadget classification. The advancement and development of the Watch OS2 will push the market for applications for these gadget measurements to the next level. From making expansions to the current applications for the iWatch, there will be another degree for advancement, only for the Apple Watch. Until a month ago, there were 10,000 applications accessible for the iWatch, this number is relied upon to treble in the first half of 2017.

3. Applications

According to current patterns, nearly 75% of applications are free, and according to a Gartner report, this figure is relied upon to touch 93% before the finish of the year 2017. For iOS application engineers, in-application buys will be the income drivers. Mixture applications are additionally seeing rising interest among clients as an answer for numerous stage reach. Henceforth, iOS stage applications will witness less selectiveness in not so distant future.

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4. Geolocating

With the iBeacon, Apple has encouraged the path for making more quick-witted applications with area bolsters. iOS application engineers have the chance to make a complex web-based business and m-trade applications that will customize administrations as it were. Be that as it may, they should figure a method for making iBeacon applications less battery depleting with a specific end goal to make them genuinely viable.

5.Emphasis on M-business

With a larger part of the web clients and web-based shopping clients putting in their requests from their cell phones, m-trade is developing at an enhanced rate. Versatile innovations, for example, guides and wallets are giving better motivators to clients. For iOS application engineers, portable applications for eCommerce sites will be a major worker. This implies, better integration with the iOS device system to fully exploit the device features.

6. App Security

According to Gartner App Security Report 2015, more than 75% of applications neglected to meet essential safety efforts. With iOS 9, Apple played notice to the discoveries and has constrained application developers to restrain essential security benchmarks in gadgets. This will be further reinforced with the iOS 10 for applications where individual and significant information sharing is essential.

7. Cloud Advancement

Cloud-support will empower application developers to lessen the application measure, liberating space in the restricted gadget limits. Facilitate, it will enable smart sync across multiple devices. Subsequently, such applications relies upon to pick up prominence among iOS and OS X clients this year forward.

8. iPhone 7, 7Plus, iPhone 6C, and iOS 10

The majority of the above which were launched this year is not what people expected. Though these phones don’t contain much of the features that were expected. However, some innovative specifications might bring change in the development of the application. We can expect a better framework and more work cut out for application engineers as more progressive innovation goes to the fore.

Indeed, even after Steve Jobs, Apple has kept on keeping up the buzz and the fervor among its clients. Aside from its awesome engineering, the brilliant application offering is the thing that keeps this brand going.

9. IoT Based Apps

There is no need to mention the popularity of the internet of things. The concept of IoT apps is being accepted by iOS app developers worldwide. iOS users are loving the idea of handling multiple internet-enabled devices from one single device. The future of IoT is bright and the iPhone app development company must adopt this trend to stay tuned with the buzz. The concept is popular but not high in use. This can give you an upper hand among your competitors.

10) Apple Pay

Most people these days are shifting to mobile wallets for quick and easy payment. There are several apps on the Apple Store which needs payment gateway integration along with in-app purchase feature. Here Apple users can use Apple Pay as their digital wallet.

11) Apple HomeKit

It has become one of the major players in the smart home industry. Apple HomeKit allows the users to control all the connected devices in the home with one single app. It allows the users to create an action to control connected devices that triggers a Siri voice command. Top companies are working to create more of the products that can be connected through the internet for homes. Similarly, iPhone developers are working to create apps that can connect all these products and develop an app to control them.

12) Artificial Intelligence and Siri

Siri was a breakthrough in the tech world. When combined with AI, Siri is able to give 70% of the answers correctly. With time, the accuracy is about to improve. Apple is planning to auction SiriKit to allow iPhone app developers to integrate Siri into mobile apps. This will create many more opportunities for businesses.

Looking for what users are searching these days. Here is a list of frequently asked questions by them.

1) Which technology is best for mobile app development?

If you want to develop an iPhone app then Swift is the best language to go for. Other than that Java, Python, C++ are also used.

2) Which tool is used for developing an iPhone app?

There are two core languages used for iPhone app development, Objective C and Swift. Xcode tool is used for developing apps with either of these languages.

3) Which technology is used for mobile apps?

These days plenty of top mobile app development company are using React Native to develop their apps. It is a cross-platform framework that gives a native-like feel.

4) Which is better Swift or Objective C for iOS?

Objective C is old while Swift is new and updated language. Also, Swift is faster and better than Objective C. So, Swift is a clear winner here.

5) What are the latest trends in iPhone app development?

Some of the latest ios app development trends include:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Chatbots
  • Cloud integration
  • Wearable app development
  • Augmented reality
  • iBeacon

6) What is the future of iOS Development?

In 2020, the iOS developers must focus on the latest trends and technologies like AI, core ML, IoT, AR, and iBeacon.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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