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Why Should you Pick React-Native for your Next Application?

React Native App October 8, 2020
MWhy Should you Pick React-Native for your Next Application?

[vc_row][vc_column][blog_single_full_content]For a better experience in mobiles, you need a cross-platform app development. There could be no other better option than react native, which is a framework for app development to different platforms.

But what does it all means?

Reactive native App development is in the form of a single codebase for different platforms. You can easily reuse different components, and hence it might even sound tempting.

However, in the case of React Native, it is like learning for once and writing for anything. Suppose if you want to use a certain application on both android and iOS devices, then you might even include different platform modules as you need. For the masters in JavaScript and React, they can quickly begin with developing an application from the time itself.

The fact is with time, the framework also changed and got matured. Also, with this, you might even get a lot of experience working with it. However, from the perspective of a JavaScript developer and as a business owner, you need to understand various pros and cons of reactive native app development.

Should you pick react-native for the next application?

React Native
You need to first think of what the audiences want. Know what users want to use and what they find comfort in it.

What platform do the users work upon?

Is it Android, iOS, or web?

But before you start with it, you need to keep up with developers, and other designers for the latest trends followed. It will surely form a good idea about react-native.

What are Business Perspectives Regarding React Native Apps?

With the advancements, surely react-native has helped in developing many businesses for no doubt. Usually, the trends have been followed in the front-end for businesses. You can take one such example of react-native development services on Netflix.

But why usually people prefer using React Native in business?

The primary reason behind this is you can quickly extend components using react. Hence for an owner, he can quickly develop his front end and encourage the development team for improving business productivity. Thus it also saves your money and time for no doubt. The reusability of React has helped many businesses to develop within the time range.

The best part is you can add wanted modules as per preference. Some modules include status bar, camera, navigation, and building of contacts as per platform. Also, you can develop cross-platform React Native apps. Hence there is no requirement for building a separate app to run on the web. However, don’t forget that using React does not mean all help from React Native App Development Company. It might include some other features too.

Building a team with React Native

You need not have knowledge regarding android and Swift for iOS. React can work you in minutes. If you have some brief knowledge in React Native, UI elements, and some other platforms, then this will work for you. Hence it is a complete game-changer where you need not put extra effort into it. However, you can take help from JS developers for some time.

The reason behind this is exchanging knowledge, code review, and code understanding to become easy with it. Thus it brings up an easy way for web development, cross-platform development, and thus brings native results to you.

Pros and Cons of Reactive Native in Business

Pros of React Native in Business

  • Time and cost-efficient results
  • As a team for different platforms
  • High-grade performance for apps
  • One codebase for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and web
  • Native apps

Cons of React Native in Business

  • You may need help from the experts for the development of platform modules.
  • React Native is not completely a cross-platform but a single codebase approach.

What is the perspective on Reactive Native by developers?

As you will start with React, you might face some challenges. The most blunders faced are in spending time on having the right bundling modules. However, React Native app development services are different in such perspectives. It works only with sitting and writing your code. React Native has a feature called Hot/Live reload.

This feature will allow you to see the preview of an application even if you have not built it properly. Thus you need not keep a check on the results as you move ahead. What more, this has saved a lot of time and hence even boosts your productivity to work on it.

If you are into performing some basic tasks which include buttons, animations, scrolling, and text inputs, there could be nothing better than using React Native. Hence it helps developers to perform their tasks. Thus the usage of components has been simplified with it.

Adding modules could be challenging enough

React Native apps might work efficiently for android and iOS but not for other platforms. There are other platforms and components on which you need to spend a lot of time.

Sometimes, you might find a need for a native programmer when it comes to push notifications and device sensors. You need some efficient solutions that a native programmer can provide you. For many developers, React Native is not their cup of tea.

Pros and Cons of React Native for developers

Pros of React Native

  • You can work as both mobile and web developers.
  • It helps in improving your productivity
  • Helped developers for easy set-up
  • Quickly use some styling components
  • Hot/live feature for reloading

Cons of React Native

  • You need the help of native programmers at one moment
  • Documents need an upgrade with time

Different Pros and Cons of React Native

Fast to build

The best reason why people prefer to React Native app development is fast access in building and short development time. In this framework, you can apply different components that can help in accelerating the process in a small-time. No doubt it might lack some solutions, but it is all based on JS that lets you work on the large platform packages, npm.

Thus it helps in saving your time. As you master in React Native, you will become a fast developer with time. The community of RN is growing day by day. You will come across different components for its solution. RN lets you work on cross-platform with the same codebase. Thus you can work within a few hours and hence save your money and time.

Single Framework for Multiple Platforms

You can quickly use the same codebase for different platforms. Usually, people are for Android and iOS users. To some extent, you can use it for full cross-platform development.

However, it all depends upon the number of modules that you are using in the application. Some such features are also available with npm packages. The RN community supports this framework, and hence you can add new tools to such an open platform.

JS helps you with the sharing of the codebase. You can share codebase to React Web applications too and not only for Mobile. Thus there is an active development of the React Native Web tool which helps you work on the web and mobile applications. Also, there is a possibility that you can share the non-UI code for benefits. Besides this, there is consistency in business logic using React Native.

Hot Reloading

The hot Reloading feature can be the main reason why people love RN. Your application keeps running even if there are new updates available for it. Developers need not rebuild the entire application again once they make instant changes at a go.

Hot reloading is a developer feature to reduce their work and load. Not only this but also it saves your time as you keep updating React Native apps. Thus it also improves the productivity of the business application.

Fast Applications

Usually, people have formed a point of view that RN affects the working of an application. Also, they believe, JS does not work efficiently as native code. However, you may not find such differences. For your clarification, you can run a test that is written in RN and Swift.

Both will surely give similar results for no doubt. Some of the differences were common but necessary that an average user will find them out. RN will never create a big issue in the working of an application and its performance.

Simple UI

If you want to create a mobile UI, then there could be no other better option than React Native. This helps in creating the sequence of actions. RN works on declarative programming. Hence you can quickly spot the problems faced and take the right path as preferable.

Small Teams

In the Native Development, you might need separate teams for iOS and Android. Also, it can even raise communication problems which further slows the entire process. But for the Native Team, they work on different projects in the case of Android and iOS. Thus it might have variable speeds of development.

But that might affect the development of an application. There is no such case with RN development services. JS developers will work on it, and you will never face such problems ever. The team is small but brings effective results in a small time.

Hindered working of smooth navigation

Most of the developers have tested RN in the production environment. It might include giants like Skype, Facebook, or Bloomberg. However, it is in the beta phase.

It hinders the smooth functioning of navigation. Developers have faced many debugging severe issues, failures with hot reloading, and also the compatibility of the packages. Thus it slows down the functioning of an application.

Lack of Custom Modules

RN still lacks components even if it is developing day by day. However, you might not face big issues with it as it is properly documented and works efficiently. But for a while, you might need to build up your solutions. For a single component, you need to develop with three different codebases.

Each codebase might show differences in performance, behavior, and appearance. You may have issues with the shadow’s work while working with React Native apps.

Native Developers are Still required

If you are implementing the native features, you must have detailed information on it. Thus you lack support for the development of RN Apps and hence problems with React Native app development. You need support from the Native Developers to assist you in the efficient working of your application.

However, still, you need advanced features for your help. It depends upon the complexity of your application with its working. Small teams surely face this problem. However, there are many React Native App Development Companies for your support.

What are the other alternatives to using React Native?


Developing applications separately for two different platforms could be the only way alternative to RN. Here you will need two big teams of developers to work efficiently on different platforms.

Hence your application becomes inconsistent with it. You might face problems in updating as you cannot use the same code again. Go with better documentation and wide availability of developers under Native.


Usually, people prefer Flutter other than RN. Google is the developer of Flutter for mobile applications. It works on Dart Language that implements cross-platform applications. These are the best alternatives with efficient results in the performance. Flutter is new and hence people still prefer RN over it, especially those who have deep RN experience. Dart language is easy for Java and C# masters.

What is the Overall experience with React Native?

RN is adopted by most of the people, but some have the best, and others have wrong results. However, in all, feedback is positive. Even many believe that RN is a great opportunity to start their career. It is important to consider the above pros and cons of React Native apps before you kick it off.

It is the best and efficient mobile application development on cross-platforms. The best advantage is the requirement of a small team to develop an application in the least period. The platform is still under development, and hence you must be aware of the new updates coming every new day.[/blog_single_full_content][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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